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There is A Little Something going on in the city of Easton

By Kevin Mertens - Staff Writer | Dec 20, 2020

Melinda Wesch, pictured above, along with her husband Adam, purchased the former St. Peter’s Lutheran Church building in Easton and have made it into a gift and thrift store. A variety of homemade goods are available in addition to a nice selection of clothes. If you need a treat, they have those too.

A new store in Easton called A Little Something is part of a trend which has been going on in the small town during 2020.

A Little Something is the third new business to open this year in the small rural community located on Minnesota State Highway 109, about eight miles west of Wells. It joins Margaret’s Pub and the Country Butcher Shop, who opened earlier this year.

“It is a thrift and gift shop,” Melinda Wesch, who along with her husband Adam, own the store.

Their store is located in the former St. Peter’s Lutheran Church building located at 48 Date St. When the congregation made the decision to disband, the building became available for sale.

“Some of the church pews remained as well as the altar,” Melinda explains. “We actually donated the altar to another church.”

Adam and Melinda both graduated from Sibley East High School. Adam was from Arlington while Melinda claimed Gaylord as her hometown.

“We were high school sweethearts,” Melinda says. “We both graduated from Mankato State and we were married in 2001.

Prior to moving to a farm north of Easton in 2013, the couple had lived in Waseca, where Melinda worked as a day care provider and Adam worked at Itron, Inc. He remains employed at the company where he serves in a managerial position.

Melinda explains why the couple decided to buy the building and start a new venture.

“We wanted a family oriented business, one that our children could participate in,” Melinda comments.

Adam and Melinda have three children, two girls and one boy. Isabel is 15 years old, Jasmine is 13 and Elliott is 12.

“We home-school our children,” Melinda shares. “They are able to help at the store and still work on their studies.”

The other thing which was important to Adam and Melinda when deciding to open their store was to make it a community-based business.

“There are many wonderful people in this community. We want to be able to offer things like a day camp for kids and a family movie night,” Melinda says.

The couple has other ideas of how to make their store a place where the community can gather together.

“We were able to obtain some booths which had formerly been in a Perkin’s restaurant,” Melinda comments. “When the COVID restrictions are lifted, we would love for this to be a place where people could gather to visit over a cup of coffee. There are many retired people in the town and we would love to be of service to them in that way.”

When the day comes people are able to come and enjoy some coffee, they may also want to sample some of the cookies available at the store.

“They are home made by a friend of mine,” Melinda says. “They are peanut and tree nut free so they are safe for people who have those allergies.”

And if someone is in the mood for a cold treat, the store has a freezer where customers can find ice cream among other items.

The former church building has a split level design so originally people had to go down steps to go to the basement level or go up steps to reach the top level.

“We have added a lift to make the facility handicap accessible,” Melinda comments. “Our restrooms are not handicap accessible at this time, but that is in our future plans.”

The store has the usual selection of clothes and household items. There are also some furniture pieces including a piano and a dining room table along with various smaller items.

“We also offer homemade pottery made by a friend of ours from Wisconsin,” Melinda offers. “And jelly made by our family.”

One thing which makes the store unique is the various live animals located in the store.

“We wanted something for the younger kids, to keep them entertained,” Melinda explains. “We have hamsters, gerbils and fish. We also have a gecko.”

Santa had also been scheduled to make a socially-distanced visit to the store on Dec. 19.

While Adam helps out with ideas and construction, Melinda mentions he does so much more.

“There would not be a store without him. He is my biggest supporter and the one who pushes me to pursue my dreams,” she says. “He is the reason my dream of giving back has become a reality.”

A Little Something is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.