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Muir Library roof repairs authorized

W’bago Council OKs $21,670 Patten bid

By Kevin Mertens - Staff Writer | Jan 17, 2021

One of the first items on the agenda for the Winnebago City Council when they met for the first time in 2021 was to swear in new members. Scott Robertson, left, took the oath of office as the city’s new mayor. Tim Hynes, right, was sworn in as a member of the council. During their meeting the board approved a bid from Patten Roofing to repair the roof on Muir Library which has been leaking.

Scott Robertson was sworn in as the mayor of Winnebago and Tim Hynes as a member of the council as the first City Council meeting of the new year got underway in Winnebago on Tuesday, Jan. 12.

The council then tackled a list of topics concerning the library.

“I have received two bids for roof repairs at Muir Library,” City administrator Jacob Skluzacek said. “The roof has had issues with leaking water in the spring as the ice and snow melt.”

Skluzacek recommended the council go with the low bid which was from Patten Roofing for $21,670.

“This was in our 2021 budget,” Skluzacek reminded the board.

Zac Patten was on hand to answer any questions concerning the bid.

“Our estimate includes a 15-year guarantee,” Patten commented. “The only extra cost would be if we had to clear snow off of the roof before we did the repairs.”

The council passed a motion approving the bid from Patten Roofing and asked the repairs be made as soon as weather permits.

Sticking with library business, the board also approved the purchase of a new printer/copier from Metro Sales Inc. in the amount of $6,650 along with the service contract.

In her report to the council, Muir Library director Nicole Krienke noted circulation was down about 25 percent and attendance is down by half.

“With limited in-person programming for nearly nine months, it is to be expected,” Krienke said.

The council then moved on to fire and police department business.

The list of Winnebago Fire Department Officers was approved by the council. Jesse Haugh is the fire chief; Josh Blair is the assistant fire chief; the secretary is Brandon Hassing; the first captain is Thad Sturtz; the second captain is Larry Stauffer; the training officer is Bret Osborn.

Police chief Eric Olson reported the department had received 1,620 calls during 2020, which was down from 1,882 in 2019 and 1,942 calls in 2018.

Olson said he will have an End of Year Report completed in February.

Skluzacek informed the board Bolton & Menk, Inc. has been nominated for the ACEC Engineering Excellence Award as the consulting engineer for the Northwest Winnebago Infrastructure Project.

“I wrote a letter on behalf of Bolten & Menk,” Skluzacek explained. “This is a very prestigious award. I do not know when we will find out if they won or not.”

A resolution to accept donations was next on the agenda.

“The Winnebago American Legion Post 82 has donated $7,000 to Winnebago Ambulance; Betty Engelby gave $500 to the Winnebago Community Pool and the Muir Library has received $350 from area residents for the purchase of new books and supplies,” Skluzacek told the council.

In other business:

• A motion passed to sign a letter of engagement with the city’s auditors, Abdo, Eick and Meyers, for the 2020 audit. The total cost for the audit will be $27,300.

• The final committee assignments were made for 2021.