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Dirty vehicle? Splash ‘n’ Dash!

Taylor Teems buys car wash and totally makes it brand new

By Chuck Hunt - Editor | Apr 11, 2021

The picture above shows how the car wash looks today, totally redone on the inside and outside and renamed as the Splash ‘n’ Dash Car Wash.

Taylor Teems says buying the car wash next to the Sinclair Service Station just seemed like the right thing to do.

“It seemed like it would be a good adventure,” he says. “And it has certainly turned out that way.”

Teems formed a company called Splash ‘n’ Dash LLC and purchased the car wash in May of 2020. Right during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Car washes were one business which could be open, so that was not an issue. However, Teems had some big ideas for the car wash and that became interesting.

“We ordered all new equipment,” he says. “Had it all built and shipped here.”

He ran the car wash just as it was up until the first week of August, then closed it up and went to work. Six or seven weeks later, near the middle of September last year, he opened up his brand new Splash ‘n’ Dash Car Wash.

“Everything in the automatic car wash is new, front to back,” he says. “We tore out all the old equipment, completely, to the bare walls.”

They redid all the electrical and plumbing and then installed all the new car wash equipment, from front to back in the automatic car wash.

“Everything, from the doors to the dryer, which is now both inside the car wash bay to outside the building, is all new,” he says. “We did not do as much to the two self serve car wash bays, but we did some work in there as well.”

The work inside the self serve stalls includes adding a credit card pay system, new soap dispensers, adding a scrub brush which it did not have before, and a few other items.

“We offer three different types of automatic car washes,” Teems says. “They are priced at $8, $13 and $15. And with each of those, there are also three add-on options for further cleaning.”

And, there is a monthly car wash payment option, as well.

So far, the car wash operation has been going well, Teems says.

“We have gotten some pretty good reviews and people seem happy with it,” he says. “There have been a couple of ‘bugs’ we had to work on, but overall it has been a positive experience.”

Teems keeps pretty busy with his ‘real job,’ especially this time of year.

“I work at Nutrien Ag Solutions, four miles east of Blue Earth, near Marna,” he says. “Spring is a really busy time for us, of course.”

Luckily he says the car wash does not need a lot of attention.

“It is not terrible to keep up with, just an hour or so a day,” he explains. “Mainly clean up, always clean up, especially sand and gravel this time of year, maybe some garbage clean up. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Teems says his wife, Callie, works at Compeer Financial in Blue Earth, and the couple has two daughters, Harper, 6, and Hadley, 4.

“They keep us busy, too,” he says. “It seems like there is always something to do.”

Teems says he is glad to be part of the Blue Earth business community.

“I hope people give us a try and check out the new car wash,” he says. “I think it could get pretty busy there this summer.”