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What sports should be all about

By Staff | Jun 16, 2013

Something bad happened at the State Class A High School Golf Tournament last week.

Then something good happened. And also something pretty cool.

First, the bad.

United South Central Rebel golfer Kyley Bullerman had her golf clubs stolen.

After Day One of the two-day tournament, her golf clubs were gone. Someone had obviously taken them. That was a pretty terrible thing to have happen to the high school golfer.

So, on Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. she was off with her parents to the Austad golf store near the Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker where the tourney was being held. She needed to buy some new clubs in time for her 12:45 p.m. tee off time that same day.

At Austad’s she ran into another high school golfer, whom she had never met but recognized as a state meet contestant as well.

Hannah Kruger and her parents were shopping Austad’s as well, picking up a few last minute supplies.

Kyley shared her story with the Kruger’s and they were shocked. The two girls talked for quite awhile, then wished each other well.

Now for the good.

Later that day, Kyley was surprised when Hannah came over to talk to her just before the USC golfer was set to tee off with her Rebel teammates.

Hannah had a gift bag from Austad’s of items she had purchased for Kyley things like golf balls, club cleaner, etc. She had felt so bad for Kyley, she wanted to do something to brighten her day and give her a boost.

It did.

The two girls hugged each other and again wished each other the best of luck at the tournament. According to the USC Rebel golf team Facebook page, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd at that moment.

Wishing each other luck seemed to have done some good.

Kyley’s USC Rebel team went on to take fourth at the State Tournament as a team.

And as for Hannah?

She shot a terrific score of 83 for that day’s portion of the tournament and that was good enough for her to become the State Class A individual champion.

Now for the pretty cool part of this story.

Hannah just graduated from RTR High School (Russell-Tyler-Ruthton) and was at the top of her senior class. Winning the state golf meet was the capper to a very successful high school career. And, it was the first ever state championship in golf for RTR.

It just so happens her parents, Dale and Kristin Kruger, are friends of mine.

Dale is the administrator of the Tyler Healthcare Center and he and Kristin are big community boosters of the town of Tyler.

Knowing Hannah and her parents, I am not a bit surprised at what she did. I am sure Hannah thought about how she would feel if her clubs were stolen while trying to concentrate and compete at the state level.

There is enough pressure in golf and at state without having to deal with a major distraction like having your clubs stolen.

It is stories like this that convince me that high school students today have a whole lot more sportsmanship and class than they are often times given credit for.

And that is pretty cool.

There are a lot of adults out there who could take a lesson from them.