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Getting the paper into your hands

By Staff | Nov 10, 2013

The staff at the Faribault County Register works very hard every week to bring you the newspaper you are reading right now.

Advertising sales people pound the pavement selling ads that pay for the whole operation.

Our news staff is out gathering information and taking photos of events both day and night, then spending a lot of time writing up interesting stories.

Staff members also take in other news reports, such as obituaries and engagements and others handle the business things that need to be done in order to keep the doors open.

Our award-winning graphic artists and designers put the whole thing all together in an attractive package each week.

Then it is sent off to the printers and the pressmen take over, creating the actual physical ‘ink on paper’ newspaper each week.

But, all this hard work and effort goes for naught but for the work of one other important department.

It’s called circulation.

They are the people who actually get the paper out to you, our readers. In many ways, they are the most important part of the operation.

There is the driver who brings the papers back from the printing plant in Madelia. He takes the copies of the paper to our office, to the post office, and to the stores that sell it over the counter.

There are the postal carriers who deliver it to subscribers in the mail each week.

There’s also the dedicated paper boys and girls who take it door to door to our readers in Blue Earth and surrounding towns in the area.

And, last but certainly not least, is Mandi Wiltse, circulation manager at the Register, who oversees the whole operation.

That is no small task. It involves an awful lot of paper work to keep track of it all. Adding in new subscribers, taking care of paper routes, hiring new carriers and filling out long and rather complicated mailing statements for the post office.

Most of the time it all goes pretty smoothly, but occasionally there are slipups and a few glitches.

That can be expected when you are trying to get nearly 10,000 copies of the Register and Town Crier Shopper delivered in a timely manner.

If you subscribe by mail you should get the paper on Monday mornings, which is why the newspaper is dated with a Monday dateline each week. Out of area mail subscribers may get it another day or more later.

(Once it enters the post office we rely on them to get it to our subscribers in a timely manner.)

If a paper carrier delivers the Register to your doorstep each week, they are allowed to have it to your house anytime on Saturday or Sunday over the weekend. But, they are to have it delivered by Sunday evening at 6 p.m. at the latest.

Most of them are young people, working on their ‘first job,’ and are trying to do their best. Sometimes they may miss a house, or put the newspaper in the wrong spot. If they do, we will try and get that corrected.

Just a note to those many folks who ask our carriers are not allowed to put your newspaper in your mail box. That is a postal regulation. Mailboxes are required to be for mail only. And another note, please keep your sidewalks clear of snow for the newspaper carriers.

Lastly, if you pick up a copy of the newspaper at a store newsstand, you should be able to do that starting bright and early Saturday morning.

And many of you do just that. Especially those who want to get their copy of the paper just as soon as you can.

When your copy of the Register is late or missing altogether, we certainly want to hear about it.

Give us a call at (507) 526-7324 or (888) 877-0643. Ask for Mandi, the circulation manager. But, if she is not available, anyone here will be glad to help you.

Trust me on this.

It is very important to all of us that you are able to read the Faribault County Register or the Town Crier Shopper each and every week. And, in order for that to happen, we need to get it into your hands.

If that doesn’t happen, let us know.

We’ll do our very best to fix it.