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W’bgo Comic Map is here

By Staff | Jan 12, 2014

I’m happy to announce Winnebago’s Comic Map has hit the streets.

If you aren’t sure what a comic map is I will try to explain it as simply as possible.

A comic map is a creative way to promote the community you live in.

Winnebago’s comic map is a professionally-drawn poster portraying the uniqueness of Winnebago businesses and the community.

You may remember the Blue Earth Comic Map the Faribault County Register staff produced. Theirs was launched last February and has been circulating ever since.

These projects have been fun for our staff to present. Being able to show the Winnebago participants the completed Blue Earth Comic Map made our job quite easy. As usual, the enthusiasm of Winnebago’s community took off right away. We were very pleased to have such a good response with 27 businesses participating.

Each individual advertiser told us how they wanted their business depicted and our artist went to town with their suggestions, creating unique caricatures of either their business location, a work vehicle of some kind, maybe a billboard, or in some cases, the business owners themselves. You’ll recognize them all.

With such great participation from the Winnebago investors, we were able to print 1,000 posters.

You may be asking, “How can I get my hands on one of those posters before they’re all gone?”

It’s simple.

To begin with, we kicked off a community fundraiser last week with the cooperation of the good folks at Winnebago’s Municipal Center. Stop by with one food shelf item and receive your free copy of the map. Food shelf donations will be given to the Winnebago Area Food Shelf at the end of February.

We have maps available at the Register office too and if that is more convenient for you, please feel free to drop your food shelf donation off with us.

You will also be able to see the comic map on our website (www.faribaultcountyregister.com). It’s not only fun to view, but when your mouse hovers over any one of the businesses, an information box will appear with the business name, address, phone number and map directions. If that’s not enough information for you, it will also link you to their own website or Facebook page.

Maps are being distributed to each participating business and will also be available to new Winnebago residents.

We thank the participating Winnebago businesses for trusting us with this unique advertising venture.

Kudos to those participants who invested in the community. Winnebago’s logo says it all, “Small Town, Big Heart.” So true.