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Handing out more cheers and jeers

By Staff | Jan 19, 2014

It is once again time for Ye Olde Editor to hand out some more ‘cheers’ and ‘jeers’ to those who deserve them.

Our first cheer goes to Wells Concrete and their significant donation to the new United South Central School. And, a cheer to the USC School Board for accepting it.

When Wells Concrete first proposed the stadium idea, their donation was at $75,000 but the school district would have needed to contribute much more to the project than their budget could handle, and they turned down the offer.

Now Wells Concrete has upped the ante to $225,000 and the board has agreed to accept the proposal.

The new stadium, complete with seats from the soon to be demolished Metrodome, will be quite the facility to see when the new school opens. Our congratulations to the USC District and Board for their work on construction of a beautiful new school and creating a great addition to Faribault County.

A partial jeer goes out to Youth Services International (YSI) for the closing of Elmore Academy. This is a huge economic blow to Elmore and a significant blow to employment for the rest of the county.

It is just a partial jeer, because we respect the right of a business entity to make decisions they deem necessary. Still, that fact makes the closure no less difficult to swallow for local residents.

Now we follow up with a cheer to YSI and to Elmore resident Cinda Hagedorn. We are happy they were able to work out a deal to keep the Wildcat Cafe open and operating in Elmore. The residents of the town are thrilled the town’s one and only restaurant will stay open.

We congratulate Hagedorn for taking this big step and wish her nothing but the best in this venture.

While it is a shame the cafe will no longer have Elmore Academy students working there and interacting with townspeople, it still is a valuable asset to Elmore and we are happy to see it stay open.

We hope the town and folks around the area give Hagedorn a lot of support.

The next jeer goes out to the world as a whole. It is truly a terrible shame that so many shootings are occurring across the country and causing schools, such as Blue Earth Area, to have to lock all the doors and install a security system.

However, we have to send out a cheer to the BEA School Board and administration for having the foresight to take measures to try and prevent such an incident from happening here.

And, we hate to say it, this is necessary as no area of the country seems to be immune from these acts of senseless violence. Not even in good old ‘nice’ Minnesota.

While unfortunate it has to come to this, a little inconvenience in having to be ‘buzzed in’ to the school during the day is a small price to pay for keeping our kids safe.

The next cheer goes to the Faribault County Board of Commissioners and especially commissioner John Roper. The county offering to sell wetlands credits to the city of Blue Earth at a discounted rate will help ensure a new I-90 Industrial Park will still be able to be built.

A snag came up when one area of the new park was deemed to be a wetlands. Moving the wetlands was out of the question, so the city needed to purchase expensive wetlands credits from somewhere.

Commissioner Roper was at the Blue Earth City Council meeting when the subject came up and made the suggestion the city contact the county, because the county owned some of these credits.

The deal was made and is a win-win for both entities.

Finally, a pair of cheers go out to Blue Earth’s business of the year, Bevcomm, and the community service award honoree, Chuck Frundt.

Both are well deserved of the honors being bestowed by the Chamber of Commerce. Bevcomm has been a big supporter of the communities it has served over the years. Frundt has quietly and humbly helped out in his hometown of Blue Earth and the area in many ways.

We congratulate them both.