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How about this weather?

By Staff | Feb 23, 2014

I’m sitting in my apartment, staring out my window at the six plus inches of snow we just got and I can’t help but smile. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as sick of winter as the next guy, but snow holds a special place in my heart and it probably does in your’s, too.

I’m originally from a magical northern place where the snowfall means money and business. Having grown up in the Mille Lacs Lake area we wait for two things; cold weather, so the ice forms so we can go fishing, and warm weather so the ice will melt, and we can go fishing. Most people’s jobs depend on the busy summer and winter months. Anything in between is the ‘off-season’ which means there aren’t any customers, which means no tips or extra hours.

So, I guess maybe I equate snow with money and that’s why it secretly makes me feel happy.

But, moving away from an area where the tourism (and my paycheck) relies on the weather, it’s kind of fun to listen to the true Minnesota banter (or complaining, whichever word you prefer to use to describe what everyone has been doing lately).

Here, when a blizzard is coming, you have something to talk to the cashiers at Juba’s Super Valu about.

It gives us all a sense of camaraderie when the only time we see our neighbors over the four months of winter is when they go outside to shovel their driveway.

And, what other type of weather demands we stay home and enjoy an evening with our friends and families?

When a good snow storm hits we get orders from the powers that be, telling us, “No travel is advised after 5 p.m. today.” And, we listen, forcing ourselves to head home from work and remain there for the rest of the night.

And, last but not least, an awful, cold, snowy, dreary winter makes spring and summer that much better.

Those two or three days when we had 30 and 40-degree weather proved that.

I saw more people out and about than I have in months. Everyone had a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

It gives us something to look forward to.

So, enjoy this weather. Complain away I love it. I love to complain and I have a pretty good life so the only thing I really can complain about is this disgusting weather. That’s why I live in Minnesota.

And while I’m complaining, I’m secretly smiling on the inside. Not because I love winter, but because I’m thinking about how snow and ice paid my way through college, and now I live somewhere where I’m allowed to complain about the snow, instead of praying for it so I can get better tips.

And when summer finally comes, we won’t remember any of this and just be grateful for the beautiful, warm weather. Nope. We will complain then, too, because it’s TOO hot. It’s our right as Minnesotans.