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A few cheers, jeers and also a tear

By Staff | May 12, 2014

The time has come for sending out a few more cheers and jeers.

First, a cheer to the Blue Earth Area Middle School students who took time out of school to go around the area helping do spring clean up work. And to the school staff who supervise them.

This has been an annual event and is really quite something to see.

Various groups of kids go out and clean and rake parks, wash fire trucks, paint the fairgrounds picnic tables and a whole lot more.

This year’s batch of middle school students seemed to be especially enthusiastic in their endeavors, which was fun to watch.

They all deserve a big “thank you” and a pat on the back for a job well done.

A cheer goes out to the founders of the newly formed Blue Earth Community Foundation, particularly former mayor Rob Hammond and current city councilman John Huisman.

While Blue Earth has been able to raise money in the past to do some pretty nice things the pool and Steinberg Park being prime examples I believe with this new foundation now in place, the potential for doing more large and wonderful projects for the community of Blue Earth is now a reality.

The hope is the people of the community will become involved in the new foundation and be willing to support it financially.

They have some ambitious goals for fundraising. However, they seem eager to step up to the challenge.

A jeer (and you knew this was coming) to the Blue Earth City Council and the problems with the city’s police department.

The council and city attorney say their hands are tied in the matter due to state laws about data privacy as well as agreements stated in the contract with the police union. Those rules mean they are unable to release much information, they explain.

But, it seems strange that they cannot at least say whether police officers are still on paid administrative leave, back at work, or have been fired.

While I agree the city needs to follow state law and union rules, there is also an inherent right of the taxpaying public to know just what the heck is going on here.

And, it is a shame that they don’t.

Another cheer to the students at Blue Earth Area who walked, biked or rollerbladed to school last week Wednesday for Walk and Bike to School Day.

A special cheer goes to those students who do it every day. Especially one boy, Caelan Sanders, who has walked to school every day for three years, no matter what the weather.

You can read about them in our feature story on page 2 of this week’s issue of the Register. It was written by Blue Earth native Jill Roesler, who is a college intern at the newspaper for the summer. Jill, who is finishing college in Mankato, will be doing feature stories for us.

But, back to the kids who walk and bike to school, and not just on one special day.

Perhaps adults yours truly included should be taking a cue from these kids and biking and walking to work this summer.

And, no, Cindy Lyon, biking to work does not mean riding the Harley.

Jeers to the fact that businesses along Highway 169 in Blue Earth had to watch last week as the detour and road closed signs went back up.

After facing a long, hard summer last year, which cut down on their customer traffic, now they have another round of it.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the work will be accomplished in a month. And, hopefully, the finished product a new landscaped highway corridor will be worth the hassle and headache.

And finally, a tear (rhymes with jeer and cheer) goes out to the family and friends of my friend and neighbor, Middy Thomas, who passed away last week.

She was the director of the Blue Earth Senior Citizen Center and seemed to have a special knack for it. She knew the life history of each person there and had a close rapport with them all. She knew when to joke around, and when to get serious, all the while making the center a popular hang out for her ‘mature’ clients.

She will be missed, especially by the folks at the center.