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There is a theme this week

By Staff | Sep 7, 2014

As you’re paging through this week’s issue of the Faribault County Register you may not notice a reoccurring theme, but as I thought more about all the interviews I had and meetings I covered I began to notice a connection. Faith.

You see two situations in our bridal section where people put a lot of faith in other people.

Steve and Ellannee Rajewsky had enough faith in each other to date while living halfway across the country from each other. And, it is a good thing they did because look at where they are now.

And I would also say they showed some major trust when they decided to have their wedding at a venue they only visited once.

But, when you take a look at some of the pictures, I would say that worked out for the best, too.

Morris and Teresa Blom graduated from high school together 39 years ago and without having faith in others they may not be where they are today. They trusted their friends’ and classmates’ opinions and had faith that continuing to see each other would work out. And boy did it.

Then, there is an example of some major faith when you look at the top of the front page with the ribbon cutting at the new United South Central building.

The School Board took a chance by trying to pass the referendum two years ago. And, the public put trust in the School Board that their tax money was going to be put toward building a positive addition to the community.

In my opinion, I think they did a fantastic job. When you walk through the hallways of the old school and then enter this new facility you can feel the excitement.

The students are excited, the staff and administration is excited and the community is excited.

I?think their faith in one another played out in favor for the most part, don’t you?

But, this week one story really surprised me and how it fit into the reoccurring theme.

I will be honest, I was not looking forward to attending the meeting in Delavan this past week. People usually don’t like hearing that a level three sex offender is moving into their community, so I was expecting to hear a lot of opinions.

I was caught off guard when one woman in the crowd stood up after the hearing and showed the most faith in a stranger I have ever seen.

Although I used this quote in the story, I feel it bears repeating. The woman stood up and said, “There isn’t a single one of us in here that is a saint,”?another woman added. “Take away the nasty labels of being a monster and give him a chance.”

Although this person who had some what of a history was moving into her town she basically stood up and suggested people give him a chance. Amazing.

Even more amazing is that she wasn’t the only one to stand up for the young man. Three other people who knew him personally stood up and defended him.

Now, I don’t know this guy and I don’t live in Delavan so I can’t speak to the situation either way. But, I can say that I was definitely not expecting to hear more than one person speak so kindly in a situation like that.

So, if you ever start to lose hope in humanity remember that there are people having faith in other people all around us. We might just have to choose to see it.

I?know I?didn’t even think about it until I?sat down to write this column. It makes me curious if one could look through any given newspaper or magazine and find at least one or two examples of people trusting and having hope and faith in one another.

Often times you hear that the media only focuses on the negative in the world and many times I would agree that it seems that way.

But, perhaps if we all choose to look a little further into the stories you read and the news you watch, you would see it’s not all bad.

In fact, in the two years that I have been writing here at the Register I?can think of plenty of times when the stories I write are positive or have a happy ending.

Heck, we even have a whole issue every year dedicated to sharing good news.

So, consider this my good news column a shorter version of our good news issue.