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Christmas is a time for fun, family and sharing tradition

By Staff | Dec 22, 2014

Christmas is this week and what a happy time it is.

But, this will be the first year in my whole life that I won’t be with my dad on the actual day of Christmas. Granted, I?will get to see him a couple days after and will be able to celebrate then.

But, its always hard, no matter how old you are, to miss out on these things.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the traditions you make with your family and participate in year after year.

Growing up we have had our fair share of traditions, and have integrated new ones here and there.

On Christmas Eve it was a standard rule of thumb for my mother to mix bowls of homemade cookie frosting and bake dozens of cut out cookies.

Then, my sister, brother, dad, mom and I would all sit at the table decorating cookie after cookie.

When we began the project, we would all be in high spirits and full of creativity and competitiveness. The siblings would try to out do one another to see who could make the coolest looking cookie. But, after proceeding like this and making barely any progress, our cookies would gradually become less creative.

Then inevitably one of us would get crabby, bored or both and quit. Slowly the troops would drop off and leave a single soul decorating the rest of the cookies by themselves.

Another Christmas Eve tradition we always had was for the youngest child to become unbearably annoying in trying to convince mother to let her open ‘just one present’. (In case you didn’t pick up on this, I am the youngest and consequently the most annoying especially on Christmas Eve.)

The response would always be something along the lines of ‘you can open one after supper.’ So, then I would beg to have supper early.?

We would almost always have Swedish meatballs for supper on Christmas Eve. They would be prepared in the morning and then sit in the slow cooker the rest of the day.

We would eat and then finally could open presents!

Christmas Eve would end with us children drafting a letter to leave for Santa and then setting up a plate of our cookies and a glass of milk.

One year, I?remember my brother Harley and I devising a plan to try to ‘catch Santa’ on Christmas Eve. We set up all sorts of traps to try to trip Santa up so we could hear him coming.

It amazingly did not work.

Christmas day we have always woke up to see what gifts were waiting. The younger I was, the earlier I would wake up. Eventually I got so old that I?started waking up early again.

I would troop around the entire house trying to get everyone else out of bed, and while I?waited I would sneak down to the fireplace to check out all the presents.

Then, Mom would grab her camera and a cup of coffee and she and Dad would finally get everyone else to join me by the fireplace.

We would all open presents, slowed down only by Mom when she would make us ‘hold it up, show us what you got’ so she could take pictures of every single present we opened.

Then I would pick my favorite gift, pack it up and we would all get ready to go to our extended family’s Christmas get together.

I would bring my favorite toy because I?knew my two cousins, who are the same age as me, would bring their favorite new toys and we would all play together.

Now, things have changed. Mom is no longer around to mix up that famous frosting or tell us to show everyone what Santa brought.

But, we still try to stick to our traditions the best we can making cookies and being really impatient and annoying.

Some traditions will change as we all get older. Some people will no longer be there and some people may not be able to participate.

But, new traditions can be made and new people can be added to those traditions. We still spend time together as a family and enjoy sharing all the memories.

That is, after all, what Christmas is all about, right?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!