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They are busy giving until it helps

By Staff | Dec 29, 2014

There is no denying it.

There are many bad things going on in the world these days.

Such as police officers shooting unarmed men. And police officers getting shot and killed by men who are armed.

There are people who are shooting kids in schools, killing members of their own family and others who are sexually assaulting innocent victims.

Of course, there are also the terrorists, member of various organizations or religions, who do things such as behead their captives and storm into schools just to kill innocent children.

What is the world coming to, many ask.

There is certainly a lot of evil, sadness and horror in the world, and our own Faribault County is not immune from it, unfortunately.

But, you know, there is some good as well. And a lot of that good is happening right here especially this time of the year.

Maybe you have noticed reports of these good things in the pages of the Faribault County Register the past few weeks.

For instance, we have had stories about donations to the area food shelves and then how the food shelves themselves disperse food and household items to those in need.

Of course, the biggest food shelf drive comes from the annual KBEW/Darling International You Can Make a Difference Campout. Organizers Tim Juba and Norm Hall report how several individuals dropped off checks this year in the range of $2,000 to $3,500. Several businesses also give significant cash gifts and this week you will see a photo of one of those donations, from WFS.

Organizers of the food shelf in Winnebago report strong support there, too. They say they are blessed with many donations of both food and cash.

Then there are the local churches. Some help with the food shelves and others have things such as a food back pack program which sends lunches home with Blue Earth Area students for the weekend kids who may not be getting enough to eat at home.

Another church gathers coats to give out to those who need them including children to get through a cold Minnesota winter. It is called the ‘Bundle-up’ project.

There is a church that organizes a shoe box project called Operation Christmas Child which gathers items for kids in need here and elsewhere around the globe.

Then there are the kids themselves. The BEA Elementary students donated 2,000 toys and other items as part of the annual campout drive. The high school students now also got involved and donated another 350 or so toys that were given out last week.

The students say they don’t want to see any of their fellow kids go without a Christmas gift.

Neither do the organizers of the program known as the Christmas tree project. Several trees are set up with tags on them. The idea is to take a tag, buy a gift for the child listed and bring it back for under the tree. It will make someone’s Christmas just a bit more special.

Even our local law enforcement officers get into the act with their program called ‘Shop With A Cop.’ They, too, want to help kids not only receive gifts, but be able to give gifts to others as well.

Some programs are not just for kids. A group sends boxes of cookies and other items to the area servicemen and women who are spending Christmas away from family and friends.

Then there are things such as the BEA Foundation which has raised nearly a half million dollars over the past 17 years for the school, and the new Blue Earth Foundation which has already raised over $90,000.

There is more. But, you get the idea.

Yes, there are a lot of bad things going on in this world of ours. The television news shows will certainly let you know about it.

But, there is a lot of good as well. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it.

People around Faribault County care about their fellow man and take it upon themselves to do what they can to help them. They don’t just wait for the government to do something about it.

So, we send out a cheer to all of you who donate your time, effort or cash or old coats to try and make someone else’s life a bit better at Christmas time and all year round.

You know the old saying.

‘Tis better to give than to receive.