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Here is how to send us your news

By Staff | Jan 26, 2015

A recent caller to the Faribault County Register office wanted to know how to get something into the newspaper.

It is a fairly common question we get asked quite often.

For those of us in this business, it seems like a simple answer. After all, that is exactly what we do all day, everyday get things ready to go into the newspaper.

But, it obviously does not seem all that easy to many folks. So here is a primer on getting something into the Register.

The simple answer is, send it to us.

Now, there are a good variety of ways to do that.

You can call it in, fax it in, email it to us, bring it into our office, or even send it by the good old U.S. mail. The addresses, phone and fax numbers are all listed inside the box at the bottom of this page.

You can type up your item on a computer or something called a ‘typewriter,’ or you can even handwrite the item as long as your handwriting is legible.

Once we get your item, by whatever means, various members of the staff at the Register will take care of it, depending on whether it is an obituary notice, engagement announcement, classified ad or display advertisement or some type of a news item.

Letters to the editor, of course, come to my desk. So do press releases, story ideas and photo opportunities.

Letters to the editor are always read through and corrections to grammar and spelling are made as necessary.

Letters should be on topics of local interest and cannot be libelous or contain unsubstantiated accusations.

While the editorial staff handles the news, other staff members take care of ads, legal notices, obituaries and social announcements.

They are happy to explain how these things should be written, if you give us a call.

We also have our ‘virtual newsroom’ on our website. From there, you can send us a letter, news tip, or press releases. You can also send items such as your engagement announcement with the photo, for instance.

It is pretty slick.

In this week’s issue you will see a letter to the editor, two birth announcements and one story that resulted from a news tip left on our virtual newsroom site just last week.

Most of the items we receive these days come by email. And that includes many of the submitted photos we use.

A few items come by fax or mail, but only a very few. The preferred method of submitting items for publication has definitely become email. And, that is just the best way for us to receive it as well.

Of course, not everyone has email or access to a computer. While most people do, there are some who do not.

If you have any questions about how to get something into the newspaper, just call us.

Which is exactly what the person was doing the other day.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help her much.

The item she wanted to put in the Register was a copyrighted story from another publication. It dealt with an important issue, but was not targeted just to our local area.

My only suggestion was to write a letter to the editor about the issue and send it to me. But she declined to do so. Maybe it was because all of our letters to the editor need to be signed.

The point is, we are a locally oriented weekly newspaper which covers Faribault County and the people connected to Faribault County. So, everything you send to us needs to be of local interest.

And, just because something is submitted for publication, it does not necessarily mean we will print it. Most of the time, yes, we will. But, sometimes, for one reason or another, it won’t be included.

So, if you have something to sell, news to tell, or want to sound off on a current issue, let us know.

The staff at the Faribault County Register is happy to help you figure out how to get your item into the newspaper.

It’s what we do.

Thanks for reading us. And, thanks for sending us items for others to read.