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Need a program to ID the players

By Staff | Mar 29, 2015

Lacey and Brice Hanson.

Someone once said that it’s hard to know the players without a program.

That is true at a sporting event as well as a concert, play or even a wedding ceremony.

Sometimes it is true at a business even one such as a newspaper operation like the Faribault County Register.

We have had some turnover in our editorial (news) department; both at the current moment and over the past several years. It is not uncommon in a smaller newspaper operation such as ours or any small town business, for that matter.

But, in our case, alert readers notice a change in our bylines, those little subtitles on most of our stories that let you know which our staff members wrote that particular story. And, sometimes our readers wonder who these writers are.

You will be noticing some new names on those bylines and here is why.

Call it the story behind the stories.

Lately, we have had two reporters, Jill Roesler and Lacey Sawatzky. You will not be seeing those names on our bylines any longer.

Jill left us a month ago to take a position as a children’s book author and editor at a publishing firm in the Twin Cities.

She was a local Blue Earth Area High School graduate who worked for us last year, first as a ‘stringer’ (which is a writer not on the official staff) while completing college in Mankato. She then worked for us part time and eventually became a full-time staffer just this past January.

When we hired Jill it was to fill the second reporter position that had been left open with the departure of Brock Buesing, who worked for us for a year before leaving to return to graduate school in the Twin Cities.

He had been hired to fill the No. 2 reporter job when we lost Paula Gibbons.

Paula had been the editor of the Winnebago Voice newspaper and came to work with us when that publication ceased publication. We were very happy to have her join our staff.

But, eventually, Paula decided to leave us and take a job in the Twin Cities as a book editor.

Wait, am I starting to sense a pattern here? Our reporters are leaving us to become book editors in the big city?

That is not the case with the change in our other current reporter, however.

While you won’t see the name Lacey Sawatzky on any of our stories from now on, our three-year veteran reporter did not leave us. She simply changed her name by marrying Brice Hanson last week.

So, from now on, you will be seeing the name Lacey Hanson on the bylines of her stories. Providing we remember to change it after she returns from her honeymoon.

Truthfully, we already did it even a day or two before the name change actually became official.

It is true that we have had some turnover in our reporting staff just over the past seven years or so. Besides Jill, Brock and Paula, our bylines once had the names of Antonio Acosta, Sam Jefson, Megan Carstensen, Rose Lacher Hall and Judy Sabin and several others over the many years this publication has been in existence.

It is the nature of the job, I guess, and sometimes it is just the way life happens. The only thing in life that never changes is the fact that everything in life changes.

You can see now why I say we need a program to know who the players and reporters are at the Register.

We have recently filled the position left vacant by Jill’s departure, and we did it by hiring another BEA graduate, Katie Mullaly. She started working with us just this past Monday and you will see her byline on several stories in this week’s issue.

Katie went off to college in Iowa after graduation in 2006 and has been living and working in that state for the past few years. She is happy to be back in Blue Earth, but a bit surprised to find herself here. You can read about that in her first column appearing elsewhere in this issue of the Register.

We are happy to have her join our news team and welcome her aboard.

And, you can bet I plan on keeping any notices about job openings for book editors in the Twin Cities away from her desk.