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Handing out some cheers, jeers

By Staff | Jun 28, 2015

This week we hand out several cheers where they are deserved, as well as a couple of jeers.

Cheers to Kibble Equipment Inc. (KEI) for making a major investment in Faribault County with their new building in Blue Earth’s North Business Park.

Yes, it did mean the closing of their John Deere dealership in Kiester, and that is unfortunate.

But, the company could have chosen to construct the multi-million dollar operation somewhere else, even out of the county. We are happy they chose to keep it in the county and build it in Blue Earth.

Cheers to Ricky Paz and Randy Olson, of Winnebago, who saw a need for something for the youth of the area a skateboard park and then did something about it.

Instead of just thinking it was a good idea and then trying to get someone else to build it, they went out and raised the funds and built it themselves with a little help from the community.

This is exactly the kind of ‘stepping forward and just get it done’ thinking that is needed in each of the communities of Faribault County.

Cheers also to the city of Blue Earth for stepping up and finding the funding to complete their replacing old playground equipment in city parks. They had already put in new playground equipment in other places, but had not done so in one city park that many folks don’t even realize is a city owned playground the one at the Faribault County Fairgrounds.

Blue Earth’s Public Works Department supervisor Jamison Holland was determined to get it all in place in time for Giant Days and the fair both set for next month.

And while we are sending out some cheers concerning the fairgrounds, one goes out to the folks at Trinity Lutheran Church who are putting in a lot of work and money and reconstructing their fair food stand that was destroyed in a storm a year ago.

There are many hungry fairgoers who are certainly happy to see it coming back.

Jeers to some other hungry residents of Blue Earth and the other towns around the county. This year’s crop of mosquitos, gnats and biting flies seems to be especially vicious, probably due to the amount of rain we’ve had.

While the city of Blue Earth hires mosquito spraying, and now Winnebago is going to spray as well, there are times when the nasty biters are still thick and can drive a person crazy or at least drive us all indoors.

We sure hope the city of Blue Earth will have the spraying done around the fairgrounds before both the Giant Days and county fair celebrations.


Cheers again to the Blue Earth City Council who stepped up and decided to help pay for half of the cost of repairing and repainting the Green Giant statue at Giant Park.

The Giant is a symbol of the city and a huge (no pun intended) tourist attraction. While it is technically ‘owned’ by the Chamber of Commerce, it is something that belongs to all of the city and we were happy to see the council not even flinch when they voted to help cover the cost.

Taking the money to do so from the city’s abundant liquor store fund was also a wise move, as that money was always earmarked for projects to improve and enhance the city above and beyond just taking care of streets and sewers.

Jeers to the fact that the Faribault County District Court is such a busy place. Each and every week there seems to be some nasty cases of domestic violence, drugs, sex crimes and child abuse. While some are featured in the pages of the Faribault County Register, there are many more that are not.

It is sad that so much of this goes on in our little corner of the world. We may think all that awful stuff only happens in the ‘big city.’ But the truth of the matter is that it happens here, too. And far too often.

But a cheer goes out to all those who work hard to curb this activity, from law enforcement to county attorneys and court personnel to the domestic violence victims advocates and other counselors.

Oftentimes their jobs involve working with some sad situations, and it can be a hard thing to deal with. We are just happy there are folks who care enough to try and make a difference in the lives of our county residents.

One last cheer to all the retiring teachers in the area, especially at Blue Earth Area and United South Central Schools, who spent many years serving in our schools and working with our students, making a difference in their lives.

Thanks for everything you did.