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We ‘see you’ everywhere we go

By Staff | Jul 19, 2015

As you probably guess, our staff at the Register takes a lot of photos. Hundreds of them. Every week.

You’ve probably seen us at events around Faribault County, usually with a camera hung around our neck. This summer we have been to each and every town celebration. And, we took a lot of pictures at each one the kids games, parades, contests, car shows and more.

We might take more than 100 pictures at the event.

We go to library events, art in the park, ball games, pool parties, open houses and farm tours. It seems as though we are always headed out to the next event on busy calendars.

And this week, we will be hitting the Faribault County Fair, each and every day and night. I estimate we could take between 50 and 100 pictures at the fair each day. That might total 500 pictures or more.

Then, the job is to sort through all those photos and choose the ones we think are the best. That task usually comes to my desk.

I look for the ones that show people doing something and doing it with expression. Pictures that capture the moment and will give you, our readers, a sense of what went on at the event.

From the 100-plus photos we take at one activity, I might save 10 or so. From those 10, we might actually have space to use five in the newspaper. Or maybe only one or two.

But what happens to the rest of them? Wouldn’t you like to see them all?

Well, you can.

Each week we load a bunch of photos onto our CU Site.

To get to it, go to our website at www.faribaultcountyregister.com and look for the CU Site link. Or go there directly by going to cu.faribaultcountyregister.com.

The photos are listed in galleries with the title of the gallery being the name of the event. So you can search for what you are looking for just by putting in the event’s name.

Once you get to the photo gallery of the event you want to see, then click through all the photos.

It is kind of interesting.

Several people have told me they do this quite often.

They have learned that they can really get a sense of what the event was all about by clicking through our photo gallery. They can see what happened and even see who was there.

Sometimes it is an event they were at, and they want to see if there is a photo of themselves in the CU Site gallery. But, sometimes it is an event they wish they had been at, but couldn’t make it for one reason or another and they enjoy looking at our photos.

But there is more. You can not only look at the pictures, you can purchase them if you see one or two that you want to have. And not only that, you can order that favorite photo on things such as shirts, mugs and posters.

OK, I admit it. That is a shameless self promotion of the Register’s photo site.

But, I am still often asked by folks if they can get a copy of the photo I just took of them. And the answer is, yes, they can.

Just go to our CU Site.

During school sports seasons, several moms (OK, some dads, too) tell me they search the site all the time looking for photos of their kids. Or they might be looking for pictures from concerts and plays, as well. Our Register photographs wind up displayed at a lot of high school graduation open houses.

The reason for the CU Site came about because of this very fact. People saw pictures of their kids in the newspaper and wanted a copy. And, they wanted to know if we had any other pictures of their child that we had not run in the newspaper and could they get a copy of it.

For a while we tried to accommodate them and spent time finding the picture and printing out a copy of it for them. It was time consuming and sometimes not the quality of photo they wanted.

Now, we are able to let everyone see the pictures we take and order whichever ones they want.

Check it out. Maybe you will see yourself or someone you know.

It’s why we call it the CU Site. Because we ‘see you’ here and there and everywhere.