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Vacation: mindset or destination?

By Staff | Sep 6, 2015

While Chuck is off kayaking with whales and hand-picking razor clams out of the sand in Cape Cod (and eating them raw, yuck,) I have taken over his column for the week, and what a perfect subject to discuss before school starts: vacation.

Everyone in my little world is getting back from their vacations, or just leaving for vacations to squeeze in the teensiest bit of summer fun before fall comes.

My parents, Tim and Marianne Mullaly, went to Escanaba, Michigan to our favorite cabin resort where the Mullaly family has gone to since we’ve been in Blue Earth, and that’s about 40 years.

My sister and niece, Bridget and Sophie, just got back from a mother-daughter trip to Duluth. My mother and I also took a trip some years ago after she was diagnosed with cancer and it really is a great place to spend quality time with your mother or daughter.

What is it about vacation? The word itself just gets the excitement and adrenaline pumping in the veins, doesn’t it? Go ahead. Think of it. Vacation.

Is it the sense of adventure and some mystery as to not knowing what the day will bring? We tend to spend most of our regular days knee deep in routine, and perhaps vacation is the opportunity to break the monotony of that routine.

Perhaps it’s the hope of seeing old friends or making new ones. If you have a place you return to each year, or every so often over many years, you develop friendships that go along with those vacations, and perhaps the excitement is jarring against our bones in our bodies to see them once again.

It could be the sights. Just getting lost in being a nerdy tourist, taking in all of the museums and tourist attractions that make vacations so much fun. In Escanaba, there is a store called “Just Ask Gus Asp.” It’s a little magazine store, with candy and other little trinkets, but it’s just one of those funky little memories that our family remembers about our vacation destination, and for some, perhaps a stop to the Jolly Green Giant here in Blue Earth is theirs.

For most, though, I’m almost positive it is just the idea of freedom. Freedom to do nothing, or everything. Taking a little bit more time to cherish family and friends, watching a sunrise or a sunset. Indulging a little more fully in the tastes and flavors of a new or old favorite place.

Razor clams certainly don’t look like something I would enjoy, but I’m sure Chuck is elbow deep in sand and enjoyment digging up his delicacies.

Whether it is sitting around a camp fire, fishing, wind surfing, taking a tour of historic libraries, or walking around Disney World for the 17th time, vacation seems to be an opportunity to just be free. To laugh, to ask questions, to explore a little further into the woods, or swim a little further from shore. It’s all freedom.

I had so much fun this summer, and didn’t take one single vacation. As a matter of fact, it’s thanks to the Faribault?County Register that I had such a great summer.

I was able to take an adventure out to Bass Lake, a place I had never been in my own county, to see a new dock be christened, and I traveled to Bricelyn to meet an amazing farmer with an even more amazing story. I took back roads all the way there and enjoyed the lay of the land in my own county.

I was able to see people who I had not seen in years on the evening of the National Night Out. I ran into people from church, school, and other places growing up here in Blue Earth and seeing them and being able to talk to them was such a sweet treat. I also met a lot of new neighbors, including some awesome, fun-loving kiddos out at Blue Ridge Apartments.

I’ll admit, I got a little nerdy this summer here in Faribault County. I have spent some quality time with Cindy Lyon and the Jolly Green Giant this year especially during Giant Days. I also had an amazing time at Wells’ Kernel Days where I met the Kernel Days mascot. He was pretty corny.

The best part though, was being able to watch everyone else enjoy their freedoms. Going on rides, playing with animals, swimming, laughing, grilling, and engaging in the community they were in, whether they lived in the community or were just vacationing.

Just because the summer has come to an end certainly does not mean that our senses of adventure and freedom have to end, too. Just another season with a world of opportunities and adventures to be had.

Though, I am almost positive there is time for one more funnel cake. Yes.