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You just can’t make this stuff up

By Staff | Jan 17, 2016

A KFC truck showed up at the Nashville Township Hall, eight miles west of Winnebago on Thursday, with free samples of their new “Nashville Hot Chicken.” Nashville Township board chairman Duane Meyer holds a lunch plate, above. For more on this visit, read ‘From the Editor’s Notebook’ on page 4.

Winter has finally descended upon the Faribault County area with a vengeance.

Baby, it has been cold outside. Last week was so chilly that even my neighbor who wears shorts most of the year had long pants on.

The nation had a chance to see our cold in action last Sunday when the temperature during the Minnesota Vikings-Seattle Seahawks game never got above zero.

If the Vikings would have won (and dare I say they should have won?) they would have been playing in sunny and warm Arizona this weekend. But, had they been playing here in Minnesota again, the projected ‘high’ temperature on Sunday (maybe when you are reading this edition of the Faribault County Register) is a minus nine degrees.

Ouch. That is cold in anyone’s book.

It was a long line at the Nashville Town Hall on Thursday at noon for a free KFC chicken lunch.

Most people are thinking about two things when it gets to be this cold. Where is someplace warm that I can book a trip to, and how long until winter is over and spring arrives.

Believe it or not, in just two short months, spring will be here and I will have to be seriously thinking about the annual Register April Fools Day story.

It is a dreaded task.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It is kind of fun to create this web of fantasy and try and get people to believe it is real. The trick is, not to be too far out there so that you the readers automatically spot it as fake, and yet not have it so believable as to not be impressive.

But, the real problem is that lately a lot of stories sound as if they are a made up April Fools Day effort.

And yet, they are not.

How about last week for example, when I started hearing that the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company was going to bring a truck full of their product to the middle of nowhere, near Winnebago, and give away free chicken.

If I would have used that as my April Fools Day story, everyone of you would have spotted that as a fake story right away.

Except that it turns out it was true.

It seems that KFC was rolling out a new product called Nashville Hot Chicken and they were going to give it away in eight U.S. cities named Nashville, including that famous one in Tennessee.

One of the eight selected was Nashville, Minnesota. Except that this Nashville isn’t a city. And it ceased to exist as a town in 1914. It is just a rural township in Martin County, just across the border with Faribault County. About eight miles west of Winnebago.

There is no town only a 100-plus-year-old little township hall. And it is literally out in the rural area, close to the middle of nowhere.

Nashville Township board chairman Duane Meyer says he tried to tell the KFC folks that fact of there not being a town, after he heard they were coming.

But, they didn’t seem to care. They were going to bring enough chicken to feed 500 people at the Nashville Township Hall at noon on last Thursday, Jan. 14.

The township board decided to embrace the event and they were going to furnish enough side dishes like coleslaw and beans to make it a full meal for all those folks who show up on a cold day in the middle of January in the middle of nowhere.

And a bunch did, including yours truly. Maybe not 500, but still quite a good turnout of several hundred hungry folks anyway.

They all enjoyed the free meal and some suggested it become an annual event. Chairman Meyer said maybe and then went back to visiting with all the folks who had showed up.

Including the media reporters.

It was quite the strange story. And one that I will now have to scratch off my potential April Fools Day story list.

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Because it’s all true.

Darn it.