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So, was it a super Super Bowl?

By Staff | Feb 14, 2016

How did the Denver Broncos defeat those over-hyped Carolina Panthers and their superman quarterback?

I think it was karma.

It was the fact that Peyton Manning might have been playing in his last pro game ever. And, that he was the oldest quarterback to ever play in a Super Bowl.

And, the fact that he got his 200 career win, the most ever, after having been tied for the top at 199 with former Packer/Viking QB Brett Favre.

It was meant to be.

Yes, I was rooting for the Broncos to win it. They are my No. 2 favorite team, behind the Minnesota Vikings, of course.

The reason is the fact I lived in the Denver area for nearly five years and went to all four years of high school there, graduating from Aurora, Colorado, High School, a long, long time ago.

I have been to Bronco football games, including one when the Broncos and Vikings played in Mile High Stadium.

So yes, I am a long-time Bronco fan, even longer than I have been a Vikings fan.

My biggest quandry will be if the Vikes and Broncs ever meet in the Super Bowl. Who will I root for?

On the other hand, I can’t lose either, as one of my favorite teams would definitely win.

Maybe it will happen in 2017 with the game played in the new Vikings stadium in Minneapolis. Now, wouldn’t that be something!

A few more Super Bowl thoughts.

Was it just me, or were the commercials not up to their usual high caliber?

I kept track of a lot of them, and I wrote ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ behind a lot of them on my list.

Sure, there were a couple that were at least entertaining a little. The Doritos ultrasound, Prius car chase and Snickers Marilyn Monroe were not awful, but then again, were not particularly memorable.

But, ones about Shocktop, razor shaving clubs, Bud Light, singing sheep were dumb and what in the world was that whole deal with the puppy-baby-monkey? Only one word describes it and that is stupid.

And who wants to see a commercial for opiate constipation or diarrhea while watching the Super Bowl?

And to think these companies paid $5 million per 30 second commercial, or some such ridiculous number.

I might have to rethink my opinion of Lady Gaga. Not that I actually had much of an opinion about her one way or another, honestly.

But, I will admit she did an absolutely incredible job of singing the national anthem. One of the best ever.

The halftime show was its usual over-the-top extravaganza. I sometimes wonder if people are buying tickets for the Super Bowl to see the game or watch a concert that happens to have some football before and after the performance.

While it was quite the big show, it did seem like the sound system, at least on the TV, was a bit suspect.

‘Nuff said.

My favorite part of the pregame hype was the bit by director Ron Howard.

It featured a variety of stars talking about the game, or getting ready to talk about the game. But then Howard says this interview deal wasn’t working and had to be bigger.

Actor Kevin Bacon tells Howard he can be bigger.

But Howard says it needs to be super so Bacon adds he can be super too.

But then, instead of actors, Howard interviews the players from the Broncos and Panthers.

It was good. Real good. But then, anything Ron “Opie” Howard does is good in my opinion.

My least favorite part of the post-game show was the attitude of Cam Newton. I totally understand the agony of defeat and all that. Lord knows I have had to suffer through enough of it as fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

But, still, this super star needs to learn how to accept defeat, be gracious to the winners, and thank his teammates for supporting him all year and making him look so good.

You know, just like Peyton Manning did as the quarterback on the winning team. He was humble, calm and self effacing, giving the accolades to his teammates right where it should be.

And, I really feel he would have done the exact same thing had his team lost the game. He is quite the role model for kids everywhere, and for most of us adults as well.

Mr. Newton could learn a thing or two from Mr. Manning. And I?don’t just mean how to be a professional football quarterback.