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Mullaly’s Musings

By Staff | Mar 6, 2016

I feel like I may be repeating myself with this musing, but I guarantee it deems repeating.

I have been back home for almost a whole year now, and I am still so excited to be home, but now, even more so.

Old friends and new friends and acquaintances of all kinds have approached me more and more frequently about what it is like to be back home and working for the Faribault County Register, so I wanted to respond to all of those people at once.

I am truly blessed to be back home. For those who have lived away from your hometown for five or more years and come back to it understand what I’m talking about, especially small towns like Blue Earth. It’s nostalgic and a new adventure all at the same time.

I get to revisit the places I grew up with a fresh perspective. Just last week, I went to go see Patrick Mader talk about his new book,?”Minnesota Gold” in the BEA High School Media Center. Even walking down the halls of my old high school bring back some pretty good memories.

Then I went and saw the Town & Country Player’s 40th Anniversary Revue and it was such a delight. Not only did I remember going to see some of those shows as a little Katie lady, but I also remember helping with productions, myself. I was in the show choir for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and I helped with stage props during a few productions, including, “Anything Goes.”

Even the simplest of things like being greeted by name in the grocery store, or seeing a familiar face drive by and wave just helps me to remember that I truly am home.

There’s a saying that you take out what you put into something, and I feel like I’ve done that with this town, but I’m also getting this new opportunity to put even more in.

I get this wonderful opportunity to be engaged in my community, the same one I grew up in, as an adult. And it seems the town, itself, is doing some growing up as well.

It’s just really nice to see how my hometown has blossomed, how it has supported itself, and supports each other.

When I first moved here, I was not used to the roundabouts. It was something different and foreign in my hometown. Now, I love them.

And I feel like our town is feeling very much the same way about the upcoming downtown project, and I don’t know about you guys, but I am pumped to see how beautiful our downtown is going to look.

I’ve been to Albert Lea and Fairmont, and their downtowns are so very lovely, and prosperous, and I hope that this remodeling can bring in more prosperity for Blue Earth.

I guess what I’m trying to say in my ramblings, is that though we are so used to something being the same way for a very long time, change can be so wonderful. Change brings growth, opportunity, and challenge which is healthy for us. I promise it is.

I hope to see more businesses bustle into the downtown area. I hope to see more restaurants and unique shops. I hope to see a new breath of life that these few blocks of downtown have needed for so, so long. I’m excited.

I’m excited to be back home and have a voice in my community, one that I care about so deeply. Blue Earth has so much potential to be a wonderful town. Not to say that it has not realized that yet, but I think Blue Earth is approaching a new little era.

I think Blue Earth is going to see growth with this and all the other projects going on like the new chamber visitor’s bureau and the new “welcome to Blue Earth” signs.

Blue Earth is such a little gem of a town, and I’m happy to call it home once again.

I truly hope that this summer’s slough of new projects will only enhance the small town charm Blue Earth has to offer.

I look forward to growing with this town once again, and I look forward to another year at the Faribault County Register with you, the reader.