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Wait until he does something first

By Staff | Nov 27, 2016

Enough already.

I understand there was a media frenzy about Donald Trump when he was a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

I’m thinking it was pretty well-deserved. My goodness, he said something outrageous practically every other day and the media could not get enough of it. Especially the television news.

Sometimes they reported the same thing over and over again. His vulgarity caught on tape 10 years ago is one example, and that language is now etched into our brains forever after having been played over and again on TV.

I understand that sort of reporting during the campaign to an extent. It was something that needed to be part of the news.

But not now.

Whether you or I like it or not, whether the national press likes it or not, whether people out protesting his election like it or not, he got himself elected president.

I think it is time to cut him some slack, treat him a bit differently now, and, dare I say it, with a bit of respect. At least out of some respect for the office he will soon hold, if not for him.

Of course, once he is president, and does something outlandish or dangerous, certainly he should be called on it.

But, I think he should be given the chance to actually do something, before the media and others jump down his throat because they ‘think’ he is going to do something bad.

It is like those protesters in the streets. I guess I am not really sure what they are protesting. The fact that Donald Trump was elected president? What, they want a “do-over?”

Yes, I think you can certainly protest something he does, after he does it. But he hasn’t done it yet. Heck, he isn’t even the president yet.

And saying he is “not my president?” I?assume that means he is not the candidate they voted for. Because, the way I figure it, if you are an American citizen, then I am pretty sure he is your president. Or at least, he soon will be, come January.

I remember a time long, long ago, in a whole different era, when my fellow college students (and I) were out protesting. But, we had a definite purpose, something we wanted done.

The end to the war in Vietnam. It was thought to be unwinnable, and as it turned out, we were right.

We didn’t like the fact Richard Nixon was re-elected (overwhelmingly re-elected), but we didn’t think of him as “not my president.” We just wanted him out of office. Turns out, that happened too, when Nixon resigned in disgrace.

People of one political side or the other always lament when their candidate does not win. They fear the changes that will undoubtedly be coming.

And with Donald Trump as president and the Republicans in charge of Congress, I would bet those changes will be coming sooner rather than later.

I don’t really know if they will be “good” or “bad” changes. I, like many others, hope and pray there will be more good ones than bad ones.

And if there are bad ones, feel free to go ahead and protest them. But please do it peacefully. No rioting and violence.

Like many Americans, I have a wish list for our future. And I sure wish someone can be in charge to make it happen.

But I’m not so sure that will ever happen, no matter who is in charge.

1. There are far too many instances of violence in this country, especially mass killings. Once it was a rare thing, now it seems to happen weekly.

Make it stop. I don’t know how that gets done, but maybe someone does.

2. Health care costs are outrageous. Even after folks pay huge health insurance premiums, they still get hit with medical bills that can cripple a medium-income family. Even bankrupt them.

Fix it. Again, I am not sure how, but find someone who does.

3. Cut down government spending, but keep the essentials in place. I mean really, spending trillions more dollars than we bring in is fiscal suicide. What are we thinking?

Balance the government budget. Everybody else has to balance theirs.

4. There is so much unrest, war and terror in our world that television news anchors hardly know which one to report on first.

Violence has been going on somewhere around the globe for years, decades, even centuries. It is not something brand new. If you study history at all, you see some type of horrific war always going on for each generation.

Like the stereotype of the beauty pageant contestant being asked what one thing she would wish for, we also want to answer “world peace.”

So, do what you can to keep us safe and make the world a peaceful place.

We are not asking too much, are we?