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The Giant is back – was he gone?

By Staff | Dec 11, 2016

He’s back! That jolly Green Giant is coming back.

Well, honestly, for most of us folks in Blue Earth, he was never gone. I mean, after all, we see him about every day, towering over the city.

However, his promotion of Green Giant products has been pretty lax over the past few years. In other words, there haven’t been many TV commercials using the Giant to promote those vegetable products. In fact, for the past couple of years, they have been nonexistent.

Sure, most of us in Minnesota, where the Giant and his parent company of Green Giant grew corn and peas and operated canning factories around the state including Blue Earth, of course all recognize the big green jolly guy and his signature slogan “From the Valley of Jolly ho, ho, ho Green Giant!”

But not everyone does. Those folks in California and New York, and all those young folks across the country may have heard the name, but don’t really know who or what he is.

Even here in his self-proclaimed valley and home state of Minnesota, there are no more Green Giant canning factories. Most are owned by Seneca Foods, as we are all well aware of, but most folks are not.

But, the Giant’s new owners want to bring him out of retirement and put him back to work. B&G, which bought the more than 100-year-old Green Giant brand from General Mills for $765 million, has decided to once again use the Giant in promoting some old and some new products. They plan on introducing 15 new Green Giant products this coming year.

But, they are bringing back the Giant with an interesting twist.

In order to grab the attention of little kids and their young adult parents, the new ad campaign is designed to create a sense of mystery about the Giant.

In fact, the first commercial does not show the Giant at all. And that commercial is not airing on television.

Instead, it is designed to look just like a movie trailer and is being shown in movie theaters across the country.

But, instead of hyping an upcoming new fantasy/adventure/superhero movie, it is hyping the return of the Green Giant.

The whole trailer only shows the shadow of the giant, or his footprints in a cornfield, as amazed people, mouths gaping, gaze skyward.

It really is quite clever. Its title is “The Giant Awakens.” And just in case you want to watch it, type this URL into your web browser and take a look for yourself: https://youtu.be/5Y0_9YOt2zc

Then the next parts of the ad campaign, according to an article in the New York Times last week, will show the Giant but will not show his face.

At least not yet. They are saving that surprise for later.

And, besides all the mystery surrounding the return of the Giant, he is going to become something of a returning superhero, according to Jordan Greenberg, vice president and general manager of the Green Giant brand at B&G.

His heroics might revolve around getting children to willingly eat all those vegetables on their plates, I guess.