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A cheer to all our faithful readers

By Staff | Feb 19, 2017

Some newspaper editors call them “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” Others refer to it as handing out “cheers” and “jeers.” I have used both terms over the years.

Whatever they are called, these kudos and curses have not graced this column in quite some time.

And, I am sure at least one or two of our many readers has missed that. So here we go again with a few of our own cheers and jeers to hand out.

A cheer goes out to T.J. Johnson and his fishing buddies and to Julie’s Bar and Grill owner Julie Halvorson for putting on an amazing fish fry benefit in Frost last Saturday.

There was a tremendous turnout the place was packed wall to wall. In fact, there was a line to get in and a line for the food.

And, it was all for a worthy cause. Of course, it was also for the fish.

This group of area men go fishing all winter and they are quite successful at it. And, after they have a plentiful supply, they have a big fish fry with a free will donation and raise some funds for someone in the Frost community who needs it.

This time it was for Reece Oswald and his family, who live just a block away from Julie’s Bar and Grill.

What a great idea. And, what a prime example of what living in a small town is all about. Neighbors helping neighbors.

Kudos to all of those involved.

Another cheer goes out to whoever is in charge of the weather in Minnesota. While the East Coast is getting blizzards, the South has tornadoes and the West Coast too much rain after too much drought, you have to admit that Minnesota has them all beat.

I mean, really. Fifty degrees in February for a whole week? Maybe even 60 degrees? In Minnesota?

I know I should be worried that it is all caused by global warming and the polar ice cap is going to melt, but gosh darn it, this has been the nicest February I can ever remember.

Thank you.

A jeer has to be given to that infamous flu bug going around. It seems as though everywhere you go, someone is sick with a cough and cold or worse. And this year’s version seems to hang on for a long time. Half the staff at the Faribault County Register has had it, and the other half is trying hard to avoid it.

Now, even St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Center is once again on quarantine, trying to keep the residents safe from illness. Even bingo was cancelled last Wednesday afternoon, and that hardly ever happens.

I have to once again give out a cheer to our Blue Earth Economic Development Authority (EDA). Blue Earth’s Main Street is continuing to see improvements, even through the winter months. Businesses are putting on new fronts, doors, windows, signs, awnings you name it. And nearly every one of these projects (if not all of them) is being co-funded by the EDA along with the business itself.

The EDA deserves a big thank you for using some of its funds to help spark this makeover movement. They realize economic development is not just trying to entice new businesses to start up here, but also to help the ones already in town.

A jeer for the fact that only about 27 percent of the county’s 290 miles of highways can be listed in ‘good’ condition, according to county engineer Mark Daly. But I can follow that up with a cheer to the news Daly has developed a five-year plan to do some multi-million dollars worth of improvements to our roadways. They certainly need it. And, a cheer to the County Board for being willing to back the plan.

We send a cheer out to the Triple ‘A’ Award winners at both Blue Earth Area and United South Central high schools. These students represent what is good about our youth today. They are excelling not only in athletics, but in academics and the arts. And, they are outstanding citizens in their community as well.

Kudos to Seth Becker and Samantha Ripley of BEA and Kate Koestler of USC.

Once again we have to issue a jeer to our politicians, especially those in Washington. It is obvious the Democrats and Republicans have not yet learned to play well together, and President Donald Trump trying to do things the way he wants, and not trying to get along with anyone, including the media, the whole thing sure seems to be a mess.

One can only hope they somehow manage to govern this country and don’t do too much harm to all of us average taxpaying citizens.

A final cheer to all of you, the faithful readers of the Faribault County Register. We certainly thank you for your support and say, ‘thanks for reading us.’