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Not a mysterious photo any longer

By Staff | Mar 19, 2017

Greg Solum of Watertown, South Dakota, was on a visit to San Diego, California, recently.

While he was there, he decided to visit an old friend of his now deceased mother-in-law.

He went to the friend’s house unannounced, and upon arriving there, he learned his mother-in-law’s friend, “Carol,” had also recently passed away.

There were some new people in the house who had purchased the home from Carol’s estate. They told Greg Solum that there was a box of pictures that had been left in the house.

Curious, Solum looked through them. He found a few pictures that were of his mother-in-law and a few other photos of people he knew.

And one picture of five ladies he did not know. But, on the back of the photo was the stamp of Davis Studios, Blue Earth, Minnesota. He wondered who these women were, and if anyone would want to have the photo.

That is when he contacted yours truly at the Faribault County Register, sending me a copy of the mysterious photo.

You might remember seeing it in an issue of the Register from a couple of weeks ago, with the heading of “Mystery Photo” across the top.

Well, it is a mystery no more. Several of our alert readers recognized some or all of the ladies in the photo.

Joyce Gaylord of Blue Earth came in to identify the women. She said they were the Butler sisters of Blue Earth. Left to right in the photo are Betty Butler (Worden), Doris Butler (Stuke), Carol Butler, Marjorie Butler (Buegler) and Lois Butler.

She knew some of the sisters’ married names, but not all of them.

Corrine Prescher of Blue Earth also called in to identify the photo, and was calling on behalf of herself, Vernice Mensing and Geneva Prescher.

They knew the Butler sisters as well. They also knew they were the daughters of Harold Butler of Blue Earth. They thought the picture was taken in the fellowship hall at Immanual Lutheran Church of rural Blue Earth.

Joe and Sheryl Eckhardt confirmed the photo was taken at Immanuel Church. And they informed us that the picture from the Register was circulated around the fellowship hall last Sunday and was quite the topic of conversation as everyone tried to identify the ladies in the photo.

Leave it to our readers to help solve the mystery of the ladies in the picture.

Of course, one mystery still remains. Why was this picture of four ladies from Immanuel Lutheran Church of Blue Earth found among the belongings of a woman named “Carol” in San Diego?

Greg Solum believes Carol (he does not know her maiden name) made occasional trips to Minnesota. Maybe to Blue Earth, or maybe not.

That mystery may never be solved.