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OK, so no carnival at the fair…

By Staff | Jul 16, 2017

Once again it is time for a few of our favorite cheers and jeers. This is a chance to salute some things, and be critical of some others.

Let’s start with the carnival at the fair. As you have probably heard, or read elsewhere in this edition, there is not going to be a carnival at this year’s Faribault County Fair. We certainly are not sending out a jeer to the fair board, but we sure can give a jeer to the carnival.

The fair board had a carnival all lined up to come and then received a message just two weeks before the fair that they were not coming, contract or no contract.

So, just how important is it to have a carnival at a county fair? For kids and parents with kids, it is certainly a big blow. It is a major attraction to the fair, but certainly it isn’t the only attraction.There is a lot going on at the fair besides the carnival.

Hopefully folks will still come to the fair to check out everything else.

A cheer goes out to all those people who were involved in last week’s big Giant Days Celebration in Blue Earth. It was a huge success and many of the events, from the car show to the Giant Parade, had some of the largest turnouts ever.

Of course, the weather might have been the key factor. It was downright perfect.

There were a few glitches in the annual salute to the Big Green Guy, but overall it was a good time.

In fact, let’s send out a cheer to all of Faribault County’s summer celebrations. Staff from the Faribault County Register tries to attend each one, and this year they have all been pretty darn good and well attended.

It takes a lot of planning and hard work to put on one of these town parties, and we salute those folks willing to volunteer their time and energy to do the work. In a small town, there are not that many people willing to do it, but be thankful there still are a few.

A cheer goes out to the Blue Earth Business Improvement Committee (BIC) and their interesting new project of putting Sprout statues all around the town.

We think it is pretty clever. There might be those who think they are too expensive and a waste of money, but the people on the BIC committee think it could be one more draw to get folks to downtown and other areas of Blue Earth and they could be right.

The idea was actually hatched more than 10 years ago by the Chamber of Commerce, but never got off the ground. Personally, I am glad to see it finally coming to fruition. It will be one more thing that will improve the looks of Blue Earth.

While we are at it, another cheer needs to go to both the Blue Earth Economic Development Authority and the downtown (and other) businesses in Blue Earth. Yes, we have sent out this cheer before, but it bears repeating. Ever since the Main Street project was completed, businesses, often with the help of EDA grants, have been busy sprucing up their buildings with new windows, sign, awnings, etc.

It is looking nice, very nice indeed. And there is more to come.

A jeer goes out to those people who just don’t take care of their property. Every town in the county has them houses and yards that are not tended to. They need to be painted, grass mowed, and junk removed from the yard.

Or in some cases, the house torn down altogether.

While most folks take pride in their homes and yards, it seems every neighborhood has the one that doesn’t, and it sticks out like an eyesore.

Luckily most of the towns in the county are trying to do some type of ordinance enforcement that at least helps keep the grass mowed, and the junk off the property.

A cheer and a round of applause goes out to those wonderful actors and singers of the Town & Country Players in Blue Earth. Once again they have a wonderful summer production to entertain everyone, from kids to adults. They are performing “Seussical the Musical,” a take off on all the Dr. Seuss stories.

Again, it is nice to see people willing to volunteer their time and effort to put on such a great show.

We hope you had a chance to catch it, but if not and you are reading this column before Sunday afternoon, July 16, you can still get to the final performance.

And, as usual, one last cheer goes out to you, the readers of the Faribault County Register each and every week.

Thanks for reading us.