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Quit! Enough is enough already…

By Staff | Apr 22, 2018

Maybe when you are reading this edition of the ‘From the Editor’s Notebook’ column, it will be sunny and warm.

Perhaps all this April spring snow will have melted away. Maybe there will be green grass, robins building nests, trees leafed out.

In other words, maybe it will finally be spring.

Because as I am writing this column on Wednesday, April 18, it is definitely not spring. Not even close.

It is snowing like crazy and piling up. Visibility is down to practically nothing. The city streets and highways are slushy and slippery.

I just got back from taking photos at an accident scene where two vehicles collided due to the terrible road conditions caused by all this wintery weather.

The problem, of course, is that it is not winter. Winter ended back on March 20, and spring officially began.

Maybe it is spring somewhere, but it certainly is not here. Not yet, anyhow.

And, to tell the truth, we are all getting pretty sick and tired of shoveling, blowing and plowing snow. And not just a little spring snow. Oh no, we have had storms bring us 10, then 15, now six inches of snow each time.

There are people who have legitimate reasons to be upset. High school spring athletes and their coaches come to mind.

Now, most every year in Minnesota some spring sports activities get postponed. I doubt there has been a year that something was not called off due to inclement weather. I mean, after all, spring sports are all played outside.

But, not like this year.

The Buccaneer track team got a few meets in, mainly indoors in Mankato. And they played their own Buc Invite outdoors but in Fairmont because of better track conditions.

The BEA boys tennis team snuck in one meet on a somewhat chilly but non-snowy day in Albert Lea.

But, the baseball and softball and boys and girls golf teams?


They are still knocking baseballs, softballs and golf balls around the high school and middle school gyms.

And with this much sloppy snow out there, it will take a while before the ball fields and golf courses dry out enough to allow play.

I’m hoping the golfers first golf meet is not the Section Tournament to determine who goes on to State Meet. It sure would be nice to have a few rounds under their belts before that happens.

Farmers are also wondering when they might get out into the fields. Again, they not only have to wait until the ground thaws and the snow goes away, it also has to dry up enough that they are not planting in muck.

One farmer told me an issue is custom fertilizer application. With only a few licensed applicators, and everyone anxious to get it done as soon as possible, that could become a problem this season trying to get it done before planting time.

For the rest of us? It has just plain been depressing. With one of the coldest first half of Aprils on record, and enough snow to build a mountain in the Juba’s SuperValu parking lot that you could turn into a ski resort, this has become just plain ridiculous.

We need to have spring, before it is too late and we just skip it and go right to summer.

The good news is that you just might be reading this column with the weather outside a whole lot nicer that it has been since last October. The weatherman is teasing us with promises of temps in the 50s, maybe even dare I say it out loud 60s. And, if it ever hits the 70s, people here may break down and cry tears of joy.

There are those out there who blame the Faribault County Register for this prolonged winter. Some folks think we take some kind of perverse pleasure out of reporting about these blizzards, low temps and big snowfall amounts.

That is just not true. Well, maybe it is true in November and December, and maybe January and February too. But, that is when winter conditions are supposed to happen.

Not in April.

One in four Aprils have no snow in Minnesota, and when there is snow in April it is usually two inches. That is two inches, not two feet.

You can call it historic. Others have.

The scary part? A couple of years ago, in 2013 to be precise, we reported on a big snowstorm that hit the Blue Earth area on May 1, May Day. We got nearly a foot of snow.

If that happens again in 2018 it could push a lot of folks over the brink.

I know, I’m one of them.