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Sprouts in BE was a ‘Giant’ idea

By Staff | Jul 16, 2018

I can now check off another item on my ‘want’ list for Blue Earth.

It was quite a few years ago that Shelly Greimann, then the executive director of the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce, showed me some plans that had been drawn up to place Little Sprout statues around the city.

I was intrigued. And, I thought it was a rather clever idea.

There was even a drawing of a large (giant?) Sprout statue standing on a very large pea with its arms holding a giant pea pod. Hanging from the pea pod was a swing for kids to swing on.

That would have been at Giant Park, of course.

The idea back then never gained any momentum and remained on a back burner on a stove somewhere.

I once took it upon myself to try to resurrect the idea.

It was back in April of 2014. April 1, to be exact.

Our April Fools Day story that year was all about the city deciding that the three new roundabouts proposed for Highway 169 were so fabulous that they were planning to do three mini-roundabouts in downtown Blue Earth when the Main Street was reconstructed.

And, in the center of each one of the three downtown mini-roundabouts would be a Sprout statue. We even included a photo rendition of one of the mini-roundabouts on our front page that week, complete with the Sprout (shown below).

Nobody commented much on the idea of putting Sprout statues in downtown Blue Earth, but there sure was an uproar about the city adding three more roundabouts to the downtown, since there were a lot of people who were already pretty upset about the ones on Highway 169.

But now, thanks to the Business Improvement Committee (BIC), there are Little Sprout statues all around the town.

I?don’t know what you think about it, but I for one think it is pretty cool. They are just another attraction for the city of Blue Earth something no other town has. Not even Le Sueur, except for that Little Sprout on the billboard sign with the Green Giant, if that counts.

But I digress.

The BIC group put a lot of effort and time into getting the Sprouts, getting them ordered, finding folks to help pay for them, and then getting them all in place.

There is a sad note, of course. As many folks know, one of the Sprouts was already vandalized, within two days of being placed at Steinberg Park.

Personally I hope that person or persons is found and gets to pay a hefty fine for their senseless act.

And I do mean senseless. After all, what did the Sprout ever do to them? Other than make them eat their peas.

Hopefully people will leave the Sprouts alone, not climb up on them (or put their young children on them for a photo op) and please don’t wreck them.

But again, I digress.

I think the BIC Committee deserves a note of thanks and appreciation for this giant project. And thanks to all those who donated towards it. A giant job well done.