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Sometimes this job is a lot of fun

By Staff | Aug 12, 2018

This could be called the ultimate selfie taken with a giant celebrity. Or not.

You know what I like most about my job?

Pretty much everything.

OK, that is a lie.

I don’t much care for it when I get chewed out for something we had in the newspaper, or for something we didn’t have in the newspaper.

And I guess I am not very fond of writing stories about tragedies, accidents and other maladies.

However, most of the time I really like working on creating a newspaper each and every week.

I enjoy talking to people about what is going on and then writing their story and sharing it for all to see.

And, once in a while, I get to do something pretty cool things, meet some interesting people and then tell about it.

My job can be a lot of fun once in a while.

Take last week on Tuesday morning. After an early morning Chamber of Commerce Ambassador meeting, which was followed by a tour of the new Chamber office, welcome center, museum building, I happened to notice something going on in Giant Park at the base of the Green Giant statue.

The guys from Blue Earth Light and Water were getting ready to put the Relay for Life T-shirt on the Giant.

So, I ambled over and said hi to Roger Davis and started talking to him about the chore of putting a massive shirt on a 55-foot tall giant.

He asked if I wanted to go up in the bucket and find out first hand how it is done.

“Sure,” I said, not really thinking it through. I am ready to do just about anything to get a great photo.

So, they made me promise not to sue if I fell out of the bucket and then put the heavy harness on me. I mean, how do these guys work with this thing on?

Then it was crawl into the bucket with a heavy harness and a camera around my neck. There are no steps inside the bucket and not much to grab onto outside the bucket. I managed to get in without totally embarrassing myself. I think.

Then Roger and the two bucket operators, Cole Richardson and Ryan Foster, started telling me how the last time they did this the bucket broke and plunged to the ground.

They were worried that the new repair welds might not hold with two people in the bucket at the same time.

Ha, ha, very funny, I said.

So there I am in the bucket built for one with Cole and a giant-sized T-shirt. Going up. And up. To above the Giant’s head, about 65 feet up, I think.

The view was great. I got a bird’s eye view of the new Chamber building under construction. Or should I say a giant’s eye view. At least with the building under construction the Giant gets something to watch each day. Otherwise, you know, it could get a little boring for him.

I got to pat the Giant on his nose and he seemed OK with it. At least he had a great big giant smile on his face the whole time.

I’m not sure many people can say they have patted his nose. Maybe when he was flat on his back when he arrived by truck before he was lifted into place. And maybe that guy who gave him a new paint job a year or two back.

By the way, we checked the Giant all over and did not see any hail damage.

It did not take very long for Cole and Ryan to get that shirt on the Giant. One works from the front, one from the back, and they seemed to know what they were doing.

They mentioned it was not the first time they had done it. They are pros.

Then it was back to the ground, with a little bump along the way so Cole could say he wondered if the bucket was giving way.

Ha, ha, again.