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Giving Mother Nature another Jeer

By Staff | Sep 23, 2018

We just have to come up with another list of our favorite things to cheer and jeer about. I know what you are thinking the editor reverts to Cheers and Jeers when he can’t think of anything else to write about.

You could be right. But, it also allows me a chance to dish out some praise where it is deserved.

So here you go.

A cheer goes out to the cities of Blue Earth, Wells and Winnebago. All three city councils have been proactive in a multitude of improvements and special projects.

The Winnebago council spent part of a recent meeting just going over all the positive things going on in the community. The new Wells city administrator, CJ Holl, did much the same thing at a council meeting there, giving an update on what has happened in his first 100 days on the job.

And, he had some pretty exciting things to report on.

Blue Earth’s council has been busy with a multitude of projects, from housing to business to infrastructure.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but they have a bunch of pretty high-dollar projects they are getting done.

I call it being progressive.

A jeer needs to go to the person or persons who brazenly hooked a chain to the ATM at First Bank Blue Earth and hauled it away in a stolen pickup truck.

When word spread around town, many people said they thought it was a joke.

Just when you think Blue Earth would be the last place something like that would happen, bang, it does. We can only hope that the felons can be apprehended, but unfortunately, that might not happen.

A cheer to the public schools in Faribault County, USC and BEA, for working hard to keep students and staff safe by implementing new procedures in case of any emergency. They both have a school resource officer (law enforcement person) at the schools, have added more cameras, have the doors all locked during the day, and are implementing the ALICE procedure for lock downs if necessary.

A jeer has to be added to this cheer, for the crackpots that have shot up schools and have made all these extra precautions necessary in our schools.

In fact, let’s send out a cheer to all the faculty and staff at all of the schools in Faribault County. From what we see, we are pretty blessed to have some excellent schools and teachers here.

A cheer goes out to all those folks who are willing to serve on our local government bodies, such as city councils and school boards.

We were a bit surprised at the number of people who filed and want to serve. There are many contested races in Faribault County, with several mayoral, city council and school boards having more people running than there are positions open.

Giving voters choices is a good thing. So is the fact that having choices helps keep our historically high voter turnout continued.

We need to give a jeer out about the upcoming election, however. It goes to all the negative ads that are appearing on TV. It has become ridiculous.

Apparently it is not enough to run an ad and tell the voters why they should vote for a certain candidate. I guess that approach does not work. In order to get elected, the ad has to say why voters should not vote for the other person. That other person is the worst person to ever walk the face of the Earth, they point out.

Sometimes you can’t even guess who the ad is actually for. It is just a pure negative ad about the other candidate.

And sadly, somebody thinks this is the way to get elected. It is a shame that is what it takes to get elected.

You knew this jeer was coming, so I will get it out of the way.

A jeer to Mother Nature, once again. We have jeered her every time Cheers and Jeers has come out, I believe.

Once again, she hammered us.

We had rain for a few days last week and then on Thursday night we got hit with another big storm. That is number three this summer if you are keeping track.

With up to 75 mile per hour wind gusts, a possible tornado and driving rain, there was a lot of damage in the whole southern Minnesota area.

From farm and city buildings, many trees and crops and the church steeple in Easton there was a lot of damage.

Of course, it was nothing compared to the poor folks in North and South Carolina.

A final cheer goes out to all of you, the subscribers, readers, advertisers and others who support the Faribault County Register and our efforts to bring the news of the county to everyone.

We appreciate it.

And, as always, thanks for reading us.