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The return of Cheers and Jeers, but this time we are adding tears

By Staff | Mar 17, 2019

It has been a while since we filled this column space with our now famous (or is it infamous?) “Cheers and Jeers,” and give credit and blame where it is deserved.

This time, however, I think we will call it “Cheers, Jeers and Tears.” You will see what I mean.

Cheers go to the United Healthcare District and their recent recognition for being named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care recently.

A story in last week’s Faribault County Register outlined the details of the award, including that UHD is one of only 313 hospitals nationwide to receive this award.

We have mentioned many times in this space how lucky we are to have a hospital and clinic like UHD in our communities in Faribault County. This is not the first time they have won awards and national recognition.

If you happened to watch CBS Sunday Morning last Sunday, you would have seen their piece on all the rural hospitals across the country which are closing. Sometimes that means people in small towns have to drive many miles as they are hours away from a hospital.

Cheers go out to the six wrestlers from Faribault County high schools who earned their way to the State Tournament.

Granted the four young men from Blue Earth Area did not make the medals round, nor did one of the wrestlers from United South Central. But, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to earn a trip to the Minnesota State High School League State Tournament in any sport.

So, congratulations to BEA’s Davis Sunken, Jaxen Klinkner, Koby Nagel, Dominic Whitlow and USC’s Bryce Sonnek on fine seasons. And a special congrats to USC Blake Legred for taking second in state. Job well done.

Cheers also to the Blue Earth Gymnastics Center Thunder Gymnasts for their second place at state as well.

Cheers to the coming of spring. I know, everyone was expecting another Jeer out to Mother Nature and the weather, and the fact that everyone is sick and tired of snow and ice and cold.

But in the past whenever we have given out a Jeer to Mother Nature, she has gotten mad and the weather has gotten worse. So we are trying another approach, a little reverse psychology.

Cheers to our weary soldiers in the battle against the snow.

Others have already praised the work by our state, county and city workers who have gone above and beyond in the effort to get rid of all this snow. They have done well and deserve as much thanks as they can get.

Maybe they can get a little rest before they have to battle the flooding from all the snow.

Jeers to those folks who can’t quite figure out that they should slow down when the roads are not great. And that there are times when one should just stay home and not be out trying to travel.

It has been a rough year for cars in the ditch and accidents, including that one in Wisconsin which involved over 100 cars and killed a woman.

Slow down, please.

Cheers to BEA custodian Justin Skaden for taking time to develop a special friendship with student Kenny Schmit.

This kind of caring for others isn’t always taught in every home and school, but it is one of the most important things to learn in life.

Cheers to all those who are involved with the recent upsurge in economic development efforts in many parts of Faribault County.

The Blue Earth City Council and EDA are working out a sale development plan for those Three Sisters. The city of Winnebago is working hard to develop a plan for their purchase of the former Winnebago School building. Wells is nearing completion on their new business park.

And, there is much more going on. Some of it has to do with the county and the cities contracting with CEDA for working on economic development issues.

So far, it seems to be having an impact.

Tears to the story about cats and other animals suffering outdoors during this very harsh winter. It was a hard story to read and even harder to look at the photos without some tears. But, Cheers to those Faribault County Humane Society folks who are willing to donate time, effort and money to help animals who need it.

And, I guess, Jeers to anyone who has abandoned their pet to fend for themselves in the winter.

Once again we send out a big Cheer to all of our readers and advertisers in the Faribault County Register.

Without all of you, we would not exist.

Thanks for reading us.