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Not the prettiest time of the year

By Staff | Mar 31, 2019

It is finally spring.

It was a long, hard winter, or so it seemed in January, February and March, but it is now spring. The calendar says it started last week, the weather agrees, and people obviously are very happy to be able to go outside and not fear freezing to death.

Everyone has been out walking, biking and enjoying some nice days with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. I saw kids in shorts on skateboards, a couple of motorcycles go by, and cars with the windows rolled down.

The birds are back and chirping and the snowbirds are starting to return from Arizona and Florida in mass migration as well.

Spring sports are gearing up at the high schools and kids and coaches are excited to see the snow has left surprisingly fast, and they have a hope to be able to get outside and run, jump, swing a bat, a golf club or a racket and maybe, just maybe, have a full slate of games, meets and matches their first week of the season. That has not always been the case.

The Minnesota Twins had their season opener last Thursday on their outdoor field and they even won. Two weeks ago, with lots of snow on the ground, the odds were slim that the game would be played. People were wondering what idiot decided the Twins first couple of games should be played in Minnesota especially since the season opener was earlier than normal this year.

Ah, spring. The ugliest time of the year. At least early spring sure is.

Everything is dirty and muddy. The grass is brown, Trees and bushes are bare and not leafed out. The remains of winter gravel is on the streets and sidewalks.

But, in just a couple of weeks, everything will change and turn green. In a month or so, the ugly duckling of spring will turn into a beautiful spring swan.

As you can tell, spring is not my favorite time of year like it is for some folks. But it does herald a time of rebirth and good times to come.

Here are some things I am looking forward to see happen, now that spring is here.

The new housing development in Blue Earth will be getting finished up and will start to really look like something with paved streets, curbs and gutters. And, there are plans to build two new houses right away to get things started. It will be exciting to see how this project all works out.

Blue Earth Area Schools has a new leader who will take over the reins starting July 1. Mandy Fletcher was a popular choice and we wish her well and hope for the best for her and the school district. Now we will also see who the city of Winnebago will choose as their new administrator and, once again, hope that process results in a good fit for the town.

Someone once said the only thing that never changes is that things are going to change. As a glass is half full kind of guy, I always hope that any change will be a good thing.

Three large buildings in Faribault County are all being sold at about the same time, interestingly enough. The Three Sisters sale will be officially completed shortly, as will the sale of the former Winnebago school building to the city of Winnebago. Now, the city of Wells has voted to sell the former Paragon Bank building to a local church.

Having something good happen to older, empty buildings in small towns is a good thing which does not always happen. It will certainly be interesting to watch the progress of the changes in these buildings with the new ownership.

Speaking of buildings, the new Chamber Welcome Center and Giant Museum is now open and ready for the big summer travel season. That, too, will be interesting to see how many visitors will stop in over the summer months. There have been thousands over the years stopping just to see the Giant and the Little Red Barn. But now, with a big welcome center and the museum moved out there from downtown, I imagine the number of visitors will be even larger, giving Blue Earth and Faribault County a lot of notoriety.

There is another thing I am looking forward to. Spring cleanup. There looks like a lot of it is going to be needed. I hope everyone gets in the spring cleaning mode and helps our towns become spruced up and looking sharp.

So, happy spring to all of you. And, with any luck at all, April will be gorgeous and nice and no more of that white stuff.

We deserve a nice spring for a change. And, if it isn’t nice, or some more of that white stuff hits us, feel free to blame me for jinxing it by writing this column.