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Editor gives his two-cents worth

By Staff | May 12, 2019

Once again, no one asked me my opinion, but here is my two-cents worth on a variety of topics anyway.

It was surprising to hear at the recent Blue Earth City Council meeting that a plan to build a new Veterans Memorial in the city had shifted locations from Giant Park to a possible vacant lot in downtown Blue Earth. But, upon more thought, that might be a better place for it.

Tucked away behind the Green Giant statue it would have been visited mainly by random visitors traveling across the country more so than local folks. But downtown it would see heavy traffic by people from Blue Earth and the surrounding area. That does seem to make a lot more sense. Plus, it would give folks one more reason to come to downtown.

Downtown Blue Earth is going to hopefully get another shot in the arm with the news that the long awaited sale of those Three Sisters buildings to what is now called Project 3 Sisters LLC is happening on Friday, May 10. Now perhaps we will start to see something happening on that corner.

If you think that sale has been a long time coming, you are right. A year ago the Faribault County Register’s top front page story was about how the sale was still in the works but should be completed “soon.” I guess it all depends on what your definition of the word “soon” is.

Hopefully some progress on the buildings can take place quicker than the sale itself took.

The announcement that John Thompson intends to retire at the end of July was a surprise in some ways, and not in others. He is an elected official so it was a surprise he would not choose to end his career at the end of his elected term. On the other hand, he is eligible to retire so he has chosen to do so. Good for him.

John has been a steady rock in the auditor’s office for many years, and his knowledge and ability will be missed when he leaves.

But, if there is one thing that does not ever change, it is that all things change.

When I first became the editor here, nearly 12 years ago, I created a list of officials and their phone numbers. While the phone numbers may have stayed the same, I have had to do a lot of scratching out of names and adding new ones. There have been at least three city administrators in Blue Earth, Winnebago and Wells, new mayors everywhere, police chiefs, county attorneys, county engineers, judges, commissioners, city council members, school superintendents and, well, you get the idea.

It has been a while since I wrote about shopping at home and supporting your local small town businesses.

Unfortunately, there are those who don’t think twice about heading to the big city to shop for things that are easily available right in their own hometown.

And, of course, it now is not just the big city stores that attracts our local residents, it is shopping online. Whatever you want is just a few clicks away on Amazon Prime, everyone tells me. Delivery folks are kept busy dropping off box after box around our towns.

Well, I still like to shop at the stores in my town as much as I possibly can.

It is fast, easy, fun and I feel good knowing I am helping my town’s businesses stay in business. And in many cases, the prices are not that far out of line from other places. In fact, if you shop the items on sale, you will probably even save money.

Having just spent a few weeks going around to a lot of these businesses and soliciting them to help sponsor student tickets for the Kiwanis-First Bank Blue Earth Scholarship and Academic Awards Banquet, I saw first hand how these local businesses respond to help the community. Many of them have their donations ready and are proud to help sponsor many things for our youth.

Trust me, Amazon Prime did not sponsor any tickets.

Finally, I want to thank those who have commented on the fact that the Register is celebrating its 150th year of serving Faribault County.

We have received many nice notes and comments, and the staff here appreciates them. It is always nice to hear that our hard work is appreciated.

Also, thanks to those folks who have heard about other newspapers closing their doors and are worried about us here at the Register. We appreciate the concern, but let’s just say things are fine here at the good, old Register, and no, we are not shutting down any time soon. In fact, we plan to be around for another 150 years, in some way, shape or form.

But, like every other small town business, we need your support in order for that to happen.

So thanks for reading and supporting us each week for the last 7,800 weeks.

And there is your two-cents worth for this week. Remember, you get what you pay for…