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These kinds of stories inspire us

By Staff | May 19, 2019

I love the stories we do about people helping others. We all need a little help from time to time, and thankfully, we live in a place where there are a lot of folks who are willing to give a helping hand where needed.

Those stories can warm your heart. So can actually helping others when they need it.

This issue of the Faribault County Register is full of items to make this point, if you look hard enough.

An obvious one is those Blue Earth Area middle schoolers and eighth graders who did their annual Service Learning Day on May 10. These students, and their teachers and some community members did a lot of community cleanup projects around the county.

Many of those projects were in Blue Earth at the fairgrounds, the parks, the pool, Riverside Cemetery, and a lot more. But some of the students traveled to Elmore, Winnebago, Frost, Delavan, Wells, Bricelyn and elsewhere.

The kids learned how to give back to the communities where they live. That is one very important lesson. And they learned that working together to complete a project is actually kind of fun. Another big life lesson to know. Many hands make light work.

Another example comes from the Kiwanis-First Bank Blue Earth Academic and Scholarship Banquet and the Lions Athletic Banquet.

Members of both clubs go out and solicit businesses to help support these two efforts by donating money for the banquet tickets for the students. And businesses do support these two activities in a big way.

In the case of the academic banquet, the Kiwanis and First Bank Blue Earth are able to give out $12,000 in six scholarships all due to this community support. In all, there was $72,000 in scholarships awarded to members of the senior class, to give them a helping hand in their college careers.

That is a big number, and it is all money from the BEA community. It doesn’t count scholarships from colleges themselves, only local or area scholarships.

This is a really amazing show of support for our youth.

There is an advertisement elsewhere in this issue saluting the men and women on all the various EMT units in the county. These folks are always on call to go out and lend a helping hand to all those who are having some type of emergency. And trust me, the scanner goes off every day to dispatch an ambulance or First Responder crew from somewhere in Faribault County to go help someone in distress.

If you know someone who is an EMT, thank them this week for their service.

Another ad in this week’s Register tells about an effort being made to resurrect the Cub Scouts in Blue Earth. During the past year, the Scouts slowly shut down, with a lack of leaders and interest in keeping it going. The Kiwanis Club has been the chartering organization for the local pack for over 70 years, and they are trying to see if anyone out in the community wants to volunteer to give a helping hand to keep Cub Scouts in the Blue Earth area.

Contact Paula Neussmeier at (507) 520-1055 if you want to help or have kids who are interested in scouting or can lend them a hand in getting going again.

There is another organization where you can volunteer to help out and lend a hand. Our front page story on Habitat for Humanity details that the organization plans to build a home in Blue Earth next spring. But they need a helping hand to get that done. They need to raise money now, and they will need to have people volunteer to help build the house later.

Habitat for Humanity is a win-win deal. A deserving family gets a new home, the community gets to add another house to the housing total, and everyone gets to help make it happen by volunteering time and/or money.

Call Staci Thompson at (507) 526-2500 if you want to lend a helping hand.

And finally, the old saying is “God helps those who help themselves.” Our page two feature story this week is all about a woman who truly helped herself out of a really bad situation.

Jennifer Howard worked hard and took advantage of those who offered her help and truly turned her life around. It is a “must read” this week.

So my wish to you is that you find some time to help others. And if you are someone who needs a little help, that others will give you a helping hand when you need it.

Do you remember this song?

“Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand; Put a little love in your heart.

You see, it’s getting late, oh, please don’t hesitate; Put a little love in your heart.

And the world, will be a better place; And the world, will be a better place for you and me; You just wait and see.”