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Giving cheers where they are due

By Staff | Jun 9, 2019

Time once again for that ever popular column that gives credit where credit is due, as well as where it is definitely not due.

Yes, once again, here are some more Cheers and Jeers.

Cheers go out to our area spring athletes who are headed to the “Big Dance,” the State Tournament in their particular sport. At Blue Earth Area there are three track and field athletes, Thomas Lindsey, Sophie Keister and Ben Babcock, as well as the entire boys golf team. Those golfers are Manning Lane, Hunter Spencer, Gaven Bruellman and Braden Gudahl, as well as Ashton Lloyd and Max Erich. We salute them all and wish them well as they compete this week.

The BEA baseball team also came very close to heading into state competition. While the boys golf team was not a big shock, as they had been there the past two years, the success of the baseball team seemed to come as a surprise to many folks. It shouldn’t have.

One Buccaneer girl golfer, Mateja Lane, also came just one spot away from heading to the State Golf Meet in her senior year.

One United South Central boys golf team member, Andrew Heggen, is also headed to state, and we wish him good luck as well.

So cheers to all of our spring athletes, who not only had to battle the competition, but the very rainy weather as well.

Jeers go out to the gnasty gnats that have appeared just as the weather turns fairly decent. The pesky little, hard-to-see buggers bite hard and in the case of some people, like me, leave an infected welt that lasts for days.

I suppose after the gnats finally go away, their cousins, the blood-sucking mosquitoes, will descend upon us in hungry hordes.

Cheers go out to all the folks who made a new slide possible at the Blue Earth Community Pool. That cheer goes out to the members of a committee which raised money, and the City Council which budgeted enough money for the rest.

No, it was not inexpensive. But it was something that had always been planned to happen since the pool was first built, and now, nearly 15 years later, it is in place.

The pool is just one of many amenities which make Blue Earth a nice place for families to enjoy living here.

Cheers to the folks in Wells who are addressing a major problem in that community of a lack of child care facilities. They appear to be making significant progress in making strides to solve this issue which affects population growth and economic development in a big way.

Jeers to those people who like to complain about things in their communities and yet do little to help make improvements or get involved in any group trying to make things better. Every town has them. The battle is to overcome the naysayers and strive to make your community a better place for everyone. If you don’t like something, get to work to change it for the better, or quit your complaining.

Cheers to all the folks in our communities who are stepping into positions that can help make these changes for the better. The Blue Earth Area School Board recently had to select a new board member, as well as hire a new superintendent and a new K-7 principal. They will still be looking for a new assistant principal.

The Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce just hired a new executive director and the city of Winnebago will soon be interviewing and hiring a new city administrator.

We wish all these people well and look forward to their efforts for the betterment of our schools and communities.

Cheers to all of our area graduates. They have accomplished a lot in their educational careers and we wish them good luck in all of their future endeavors, no matter what those may be.


Jeers to all those who still bully others, whether at school, in the work place or with their own family. There seems to be way too much of that across the country and even in our own small towns.

Cheers to the fact that there is always something to do all summer long in Faribault County. A look through the Faribault County Register’s Best of Summer magazine, which was included in last week’s edition, has information on many of the fun-filled events. There literally is something going on every weekend in this county.

If you missed getting a copy of the Best of Summer, stop in at the Register office and pick up a copy.

And finally, Cheers to all of you who subscribe to, or buy the Register at news stands every week. And especially all those who have sent us congratulations for our 150th birthday.

Thanks for reading us.