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I wish summer really was endless

By Staff | Aug 18, 2019

Once again, something hit me like a ton of bricks last week.

Despite the Beach Boys naming an album “Endless Summer,” there really isn’t such a thing. They lied to us.

I love summer, but every year I suddenly realize summer is short and comes to an early end, especially here in Minnesota.

It happened last week. The signs of the end of summer fast approaching suddenly appeared.

For instance, I saw a tree already turning colors in Blue Earth. It was on the east-bound ramp off of Main Street onto Leland Parkway. Suddenly, I noticed a couple more around town. It was a shock.

Fall sports practices began at area high schools last Monday, Aug. 12. The Minnesota Vikings had their first pre-season game three days before that. I just wasn’t prepared for either one of those things to happen. It’s football season already? But, the Twins are still playing baseball. And, hopefully they will still be playing ball in October.

The Minnesota State Fair starts this week. There are a lot of folks who believe that when the State Fair is over on Labor Day, that is the semi-official end to summer.

I think they might be right.

School begins the day after Labor Day in Minnesota, although in some places kids are already loading their back packs and heading off to a new year of learning. Summer is over for them, and will be over in two weeks for the rest of Minnesota’s students.

Here at the Faribault County Register, our list of summer events to cover and take photos at is now nearly complete. Every year we make a list of all the events in Faribault County that will happen all summer long.

We get that list by using our Best of Summer magazine as our guide.

Long gone are ‘Bago Fun Fest, Blue Earth Giant Days, Kiester Days, the County Fair and even Relay for Life.

It was Kernel Days in Wells this past week as well as the Woodcarvers/Quilters Expo in Blue Earth. Oh, I know there are still a couple more things for us to go to. There is Easton Days, Farming of Yesteryear and RiverPalooza at the Riverside Town and Country Golf Club, but those are more fall events because they are in September.

I get the “Summer Time Blues” every year about this time, and as the song says, there ain’t no cure for that. But my blues have to do with the fact that summer, my favorite season of the year, isn’t going to last much longer.

Oh, I know, I know. I should quit my whining. We will still have many more beautiful days. There will even be some warm weather, maybe even hot temperatures yet to come. We will be able to go camping a bunch of times yet and others can get in some boating, golfing, etc., in September and even into October.

But it won’t really be summer.

Some people don’t really like summer. It can be too hot, too humid, too buggy and, this year, for sure, too stormy.

I get that. It was a pretty strange summer especially when it came to rain. It seems to have rained a lot. Every few days, a little more rain. Sometimes it was a lot of rain.

By this time in August we can often have lawns turning brown and crunchy, farmers praying for rain for their crops, and gardeners having to be watering their flowers and vegetables maybe twice a day.

All that never really happened this year.

Instead, it was homeowners continuing to mow their lawns at least once per week all summer long, farmers watching their crops turn out decent after struggling to get them planted, and nobody having to do much watering.

So, I hope you had a great summer despite it all. And I hope we all can enjoy these last few days before the State Fair comes to an end, kids go back to school and we all have to say goodbye to summer and look forward to fall.

But I still say, “Where did the summer go? Didn’t we just take ‘last day of school’ pictures a couple of weeks ago?” It sure seems like it. Didn’t we just have the Fourth of July a couple of days ago?

Summer goes by way, way, too fast.

Now we are gearing up for our fall sports preview stories, introduction of the new teachers at the schools and taking photos of colorful trees and folks raking leaves out of their yards.

My final advice is to get outside and enjoy these final two weeks of summer and have some fun before it all comes to an end. I know I plan on it.

Because summer is not really endless, Brian Wilson.