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This time more Cheers than Jeers

By Staff | Sep 8, 2019

Back by popular demand (at least one person has commented on this in the past, and while they didn’t say they loved it, they didn’t hate it either), is another edition of Cheers and Jeers.

Cheers go out to the positive local economic boon that seems to be going on in Faribault County.

You may have noticed in last week’s Faribault County Register we had three stories dedicated to new business ventures in the county. We plan on making this a series of stories in the coming weeks, because there is so much business activity going on in our cities and towns in the county which needs to be reported on.

So we salute the entrepreneurs and others who are willing to invest some serious time, effort and money into opening or creating a new business in Faribault County. And also to those who are excited to take over an existing business.

There is definitely an uptick in local business, and that is a good thing.

We are happy to see the new business starts, but also pleased that in some cases the entrepreneurs are going into previously empty buildings in the towns and doing total remodels of those old structures.

Having our empty buildings filled with vibrant new (or existing) businesses is indeed a positive indication of the health of the small town economy here.

Kudos to these business owners. Now we just hope they get everyone here to support them.

Cheers should also go out to the county and city economic development authorities, and the various city councils, which in many cases have helped fund these new businesses, or even helped to make the transfer of ownership from one person to another happen.

Jeers, however, have to go out to the news that the Corn Plus ethanol plant in Winnebago is going to shut down and 37 employees will be out of work.

The jeer may not be fair to place on the Corn Plus management and board of directors. From what we understand, they have worked hard the past few years to try and keep the plant going by investing in new equipment and making operations improvements.

So, the jeer might have to be sent on to the economic and political forces which are currently making it tough for plants like Corn Plus and farmers in general to stay in business.

A really big Cheer goes out to the Blue Earth Area Schools staff and administration.

As you can tell by the photos elsewhere in this issue of the Register, the first day of school at both the high school and the elementary/middle school was pretty special this year.

At the high school last Tuesday, the staff led by principal Greg Ewing in his maroon sweater and gold pants as well as the high school band and cheerleaders, had quite a show going on for the returning students.

The same thing happened at the elementary/middle school on their first day last Thursday. Only it was even bigger and better.

The band played and the cheerleaders were in full uniforms, cheering. Plus, even the Buccaneer mascot showed up to welcome the students and pose for pictures with them.

I have been covering the first day of school at a lot of different schools over the past four decades, and I have to admit, I have never seen anything like this before.

If that rousing welcome back to school didn’t get the kids excited to return to the classrooms and have a great year, nothing will.

Kudos to the BEA staff for getting the year off on the right foot. Way to go.

A posthumous Cheer to the late Jean Yeager.

Jean was planning to make a sizeable gift to the Blue Earth Community Foundation before her death, but sadly, did not live to see it get completed.

However, her nephew, Bryan Sweet, made sure that her wishes were carried out and delivered a check for $103,000 to the foundation board.

Jean loved Blue Earth and wanted to do something to help the community. Anyone who knew her probably is not surprised at this donation. She cared about the city and did what she could to make it better while she was alive.

That includes sending notes to the local newspaper editor commenting when we did a nice story that promoted the city of Blue Earth.

While the gift is very welcomed and will go towards projects to make improvements to the community of Blue Earth, we were struck by what Jean had told her nephew, that she hoped her donation would spark others to do the same thing.

We hope it does, too.