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A Cheer here, and a Jeer there

By Staff | Oct 20, 2019

Once again it is time to give out a few of our now famous, or infamous, Cheers and Jeers. It gives a cheer to those who deserve it, and maybe a jeer to those who deserve one of those, as well.

Cheers go out to the Blue Earth Area girls tennis team as they head to the State Tennis Tournament this week. They have had a very successful season and, yes, it is not over yet. We hope they do well at the State Tournament, and congratulate them on having a great year.

We also give them a big cheer for being excellent representatives of Blue Earth Area. Best of luck at State girls.

Jeers to the weather, once again. I am pretty sure we have sent out a jeer to Mother Nature every time we do this Cheers and Jeers column.

You can guess why this time, I am sure. It has been a wet and rainy year, and now the wet year continues, giving farmers fits as they try to harvest the crop this fall. This weekend might be nice, but of course, the forecast is for more rain this coming week.

Our thoughts are with our area farmers as they try to get the harvest done in between rain showers, and before the snow showers begin.

Cheers go to all the Economic Development Authorities (EDAs) in the county. There seems to be a resurgence in the EDAs in Blue Earth, Winnebago, Wells and the County EDA, in trying to work with established businesses and helping start new businesses, as well.

Of course, that is what they have always tried to do, but they are more aggressive with their work lately. The County EDA board, for instance, has been giving a lot of loans to new and old businesses, helping with start ups, sales of businesses and more.

But that is not all. The EDAs are also doing what they can for community growth, getting involved with housing, childcare creation, and of course, economic growth.

Having covered many EDA meetings over the years where not much happened, it is nice to see this spurt of activity. We hope it has some great results.

Cheers to those hardy fans who braved the elements a week ago to cheer on their favorite high school football teams. In Blue Earth, it was freezing cold temps and a strong wind that sometimes was blowing snow during the game. The wind was so strong, there was one punt during the game that went for a negative 10 yards. Players, coaches, cheerleaders and fans ignored the weather and had lots to cheer about as the Bucs won big time.

Cheers go out to both the Buccaneer football team and the United South Central Rebel football team, both of which are having successful seasons. We wish both teams well as they enter the post-season playoffs this week.

Jeers to the companies involved in creating this thing called vaping, and then marketing it as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. It is becoming quite apparent that it is not safe.

And a second Jeer to them for obviously marketing it to youth and then claiming they were not. It is alarming how many young people are vaping. At Blue Earth Area Schools they are creating a new program to help stop this vaping epidemic among students. Watch for more information on this to come out soon.

Cheers go out to all of those folks who are willing to take on new ventures. There seems to be an uptick in these entrepreneurs taking on some pretty large projects. We refer to things such as a new retreat center in a former church in Elmore, the Twin Oaks store and meeting room in Blue Earth, the Golden Bubble return near Wells, new dance studio in Blue Earth and many others. We have been spotlighting them in a series of stories in the Register. And, there are more to come.

These folks have put a lot of hard work, time and yes, money, into remodeling older buildings and starting a business in them. We salute them for their willingness to tackle these projects which are big improvements to the communities in the county, and we wish them well.

Jeers to the forces that be which created an ag business environment which forced the Corn Plus board of directors to have to close the plant.

This was a major hit to the community of Winnebago, and it is a shame that conditions out of local control made it impossible to continue one of Minnesota’s oldest ethanol plants.

Cheers go out to all of those who read the Faribault County Register every week and who support this newspaper with their subscriptions and advertising. We appreciate it, and we hope all of you also do your part and shop locally.

Thanks for reading us.