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From the Editor’s Notebook:

By Staff | Dec 8, 2019

Well, it is that time once again. Yes, time for a few Cheers and Jeers handed out by ye olde, ink-stained editor.

In the Spirit of the Season, the first Cheer goes out to all the folks in Faribault County who are doing things to help out those who need it most at this time of year.

There are a lot of those helpers. From kids at school doing a toy and food drive, to churches gathering coats and hats to give away to those who need them, to those who run the Christmas Box Project, and those who take a card off the Giving Tree and buy a gift for a unnamed child.

This is one of the best parts of the Christmas season, other than the main thing, celebrating the birth of Christ, of course.

And then there are those guys out in the tent in Juba’s parking lot, trying to gather food items, cash and toys to help the local food shelf and the Western Faribault County Toy Drive. A special Cheer goes out to Norm Hall and the rest of the crew.

A Jeer goes out to our politicians in Washington who are working harder on impeaching the President than on passing meaningful legislation. While many folks don’t agree with the way President Trump does things, it seems like it would make more sense to elect a replacement in an election less than a year away. It is a hot topic, of course, and unfortunately it is one that has divided friends and families.

Before you fire off that letter to the editor, I’m not saying the impeachment should or should not be done. It is just a big unfortunate mess, as far as I am concerned. The Democrats and Republicans and the President all share in the blame for this situation.

A Cheer to the Blue Earth City Council, their Economic Development Authority (EDA) and their Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA). These three groups are taking progressive steps towards solving the issue of a lack of available housing in the city. Not only did they create a new housing development, they are now working on getting construction started in it. That is not all, the HRA is also going to build some multi-family homes on two lots in the city which they already own, and where there were old duplexes the city had torn down.

Yes, there is a pretty good-sized cost to all this, but the city is willing to put some money towards solving a problem.

Another Cheer to the group in Wells, including the Wells EDA, for working hard to solve another problem a lack of childcare in the city, and the whole county, for that matter. The group has been successful, with several new childcare businesses starting up in the city of Wells. Good for them. Winnebago’s EDA is also working on this childcare issue. It is good to see people recognize an issue and then be ready to work on solving it.

While it hurts me to say it, a Jeer goes out to the Minnesota Vikings. I am not sure how they can look like world beaters in one game, and then fall apart in the next one. It even is true in a single game, where they are so bad in the first half, then play well in the second half. Or vice versa. Losing Adam Thielen was a big blow, of course, but they should be able to recover from that. They just are such an inconsistent team, it seems. And what has happened to that highly praised defense?

I know, they are still in the hunt for the playoffs, and the season still has a ways to go. But, man, it is tough to watch sometimes.

Oh well. Maybe getting a Jeer from the editor of the newspaper in Blue Earth is just the spark they need to finish off the season in high fashion…

A Cheer goes out to Blue Earth’s city administrator, Tim Ibisch. No, we are not really cheering his decision to leave his position here. The Cheer is for all he has done to help Blue Earth complete many progressive projects during his five years here.

It is true much of the credit also goes to the City Council, but it takes a strong and smart city administrator to figure out how to accomplish all those goals, as well. We thank him for all his efforts while he was here, and wish him well in his new job in Kasson.

I can’t break with tradition, so a Jeer has to go out to Mother Nature and the weather once again.

Man, this has been a rough year, especially for our farmer friends. A wet and rainy spring and summer and a cold, rainy and snowy fall translated into a short growing season, and a difficult time getting the crop planted and harvested.

And, the way it looks, it is going to be a long, cold, hard winter.

Another tradition is to give out the final Cheer to all of you, our subscribers, readers and advertisers for your support of the Faribault County Register.

As we end our 150th year of bringing the news to Faribault County, we thank you all and wish you Seasons Greetings.

Thanks for reading us.