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Getting into the Christmas spirit

By Staff | Dec 15, 2019

Wow! Can Christmas really only be about 10 days away or so?

In some ways, yes, it does seem right. After all, there are Christmas lights all around the town, the staff at the Faribault County Register is busy covering Christmas music programs, it is snowy and cold outside and everyone is wishing each other Merry Christmas.

In other ways, though, it doesn’t seem possible.

Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving a day or so ago? Heck, wasn’t it just Halloween last week? Wasn’t I just recently raking up leaves in my yard?

I guess it depends on your age.

When I was a kid, it seems as though Christmas took forever to get here. The tree was up with presents underneath, for like what seemed months. I just couldn’t wait for Christmas Eve and get at those presents. And then my parents only let us open one present on Christmas Eve, after church. The rest were saved for Christmas Day.

Now, when I am older, the time just seems to whip by.

So which is it for you? Can you not believe it is almost Christmas, or does it seem like it is taking forever to get here?

Part of this speeding along towards Christmas feeling here at the Register office is because we are already hard at work on our annual Christmas issue which we call the Good News edition. The ad staff has been busy creating and selling Christmas ads for it, and the editorial staff has been busy writing special good news stories all the while still trying to keep up with all the work involved in putting out the newspaper each week.

All that means we have been thinking about our big Christmas edition for a few weeks now. And while you might be panicking because you still have Christmas decorating, shopping and cookie baking to do, we throw in that Christmas Good News deadline pressure, as well.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not really whining. It is fun to find and write these stories of good things happening in our communities. Look for this special edition of the Register to come out next week, right before Christmas.

And, speaking of Christmas, it could not come on a worse day for those of us on a weekly newspaper schedule.

With Christmas Eve on a Tuesday, Christmas Day on a Wednesday, it really fouls up our schedule. When we come back to work on Thursday, the day after Christmas, we will need to put that next week’s edition of the Register together. I am already curious to see what stories and photos we will find to fill it.

It should be interesting …to say the least.

And then, just for fun, we will do the same thing again the next week, because New Year’s Day is on a Wednesday, too.

Oh well, let’s get through one week at a time. At least next year, with 2020 being a Leap Year, Christmas and New Year’s will move to Fridays, and that will be perfect for us at the Faribault County Register.

Actually, to be honest, I am already in the Christmas spirit, despite worrying about what all has to be done and doing a little whining about it.

It is hard not to be full of Christmas spirit when you see all the wonderful things that happen in our communities this time of year. That especially goes for all the groups and individuals who take time to work on projects to help others and make sure everyone has a good Christmas. It is the Christmas Giving Tree project, the Coat project, the Toy Drive, the special parties and gifts for those less fortunate than us, and much more. That is the part that really gets me into the Christmas spirit.

You can’t look at those photos of the kids at the Blue Earth Area Elementary School on page two of this edition, and not get a warm feeling in your heart. Those kids do an incredible job of donating a couple thousand food items and toys to ensure all kids can have a good Christmas. And, they sure do have a lot of fun doing it.

There is so much of that going on in our communities that it makes you happy you live in such a caring and giving place. You will see more of that kind of Christmas caring in the stories in our next week’s Good News edition of the Register.

So, how about you? Are you busy making plans for Christmas? Got all your shopping done, gifts all wrapped and travel plans all made?

You’d better hurry. Christmas will be here before you know it.