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All I want for Christmas is some…

By Staff | Dec 22, 2019

…Good News!

Yes, this is the annual edition of the Faribault County Register which we like to call our Good News edition.

Each year, we try and fill this issue with Christmas ads from our advertisers, and a whole lot of stories that are, well, good news…no bad news allowed.

Of course, we fully realize that is not totally 100 percent possible, but we do the best we can. There is always some bad news, but for this week, we try and keep that to a minimum.

Perhaps I should give you a guided tour of this week’s Register, especially if you are new to the Faribault County Register, or even if you are a faithful reader for the past 50 years or more…

Fasten your seat belts and keep your hands inside the tour bus at all times.

Here we go…

Since you are reading this column on page 4, I could assume you have already been on pages 1, 2 and 3. But in case you missed it, there are two fascinating stories on the front page this week, by our writers Katie Mullaly and Kevin Mertens. One is about an extremely interesting young lady from Winnebago named Kels Pawlitschek, the other a man from Elmore who, along with his family, has a lot to celebrate this Christmas. The fact that Bill Carr is even alive to celebrate the holidays is truly good news.

On page 2 is a story by Katie about one of the exchange students at USC High School in Wells. To be honest, this story would have been our page 2 feature this week, whether it was our Good News edition or not. But, it sure fits right in.

Let’s move right along to pages 4 and 5. Again, you will find the usual editorial and op ed pages, but you will notice that even our letters to the editor this week have a good news theme to them.

And, on page 6, there is quite a surprise. That page is usually filled with obituaries, but this week there are none. I could say we didn’t allow them this week, but the honest truth is there weren’t any which were sent in to be published. God must have known we were trying to keep this edition full of good news.

Pages 7 through 10 are actually our regular news pages, full of stories of city councils, county board and school board meetings. It is a little hard to keep those all good news, as you can well imagine, but we have tried our best. I think you will find at least some good news in each of them, if you look hard enough.

For instance, the Blue Earth City Council raised the tax levy by 8.5 percent, but the good news is it will have no effect in raising residents’ property taxes.

Same goes for pages 9 through 11. They are our sports pages, and while the Blue Earth Area Buccaneer teams did not all notch wins, we tried to point out the positive highlights for the teams in each of the stories.

The picture pages on 14, 15 and 16 show scenes from all the concerts at area schools (yes, our staff attends quite a few of them this time of year) and the Town & Country Players melodrama production, which, by the way, was very well done, and highly entertaining. I hope you had a chance to attend in person, but if not, the pictures give you a very good feel for what went on.

Our second section, which starts on page 17, is even entitled our Good News section. Once again, we tried to start it off with two interesting stories. One is about Keith Larson, who has actually started a new business. In case you are wondering, we have another photo of Keith on page 32 as well, that is cuter than heck, but I am getting ahead of myself on this tour. The other page 17 story is near and dear to my heart, as it features Don Kain and the fact he rescued the Minnesota Lake Tribune from certain death. It is a long story, but, in my humble estimation, definitely worth the time.

The rest of the second section has more good news stories. There is one about an idea of sending Christmas cookies to our troops overseas that grew into a big deal on page 20. There is a story about a Wells boy who wrote to the Vikings for tickets for his father on page 26, one about a big musical gift to the Blue Earth community on page 29. The story by Kevin about the Larry Mair Memorial Golf Tournament held each year in Elmore on page 30 is a must read, in my opinion. It is quite the story.

We end this tour with pages 31 and 32, which features photos from the Shop with a Cop event and the annual Knights of Columbus dinner for those who are mentally or physically challenged in our community. The KCs have been doing this for 36 years and it is truly heart-warming to see. I hope seeing the photos warms your heart and gets you in the Christmas spirit. It sure did for me while taking those photos.

Well, that ends your guided tour of this week’s Good News edition of the Register. Please exit the tour bus carefully and remember to have a wonderful, blessed and meaningful Christmas this week.

And, thanks once again for reading us, this week and every week.