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From the Editor’s Notebook:

By Staff | Feb 23, 2020

It has been a long time since I did a column with Cheers and Jeers so maybe it is time to do another one.

OK, frequent readers of this column may dispute that statement, and before you send me an email pointing out there was a fairly recent Cheers and Jeers column, I will admit to it now, and save you from having to take time to send that email.

But there are a couple of Cheers and Jeers I want to get off my chest.

A Jeer goes out to the recent Democrat presidential debate. Did you watch it? I did, but it was hard to watch.

It was more of a shouting match than a debate. I am not sure what the parameters actually were, but it seemed that everyone of the six candidates wanted to talk at once, and at times that is exactly what happened they were all yelling to be heard, or all raising their hands to be the next one called on.

What happened to having a moderator ask a question, and all six getting a turn to answer it? Instead they were all busy telling us why we should not vote for the others, instead of why we should vote for them.

I guess the theory is, whoever talks the loudest and the most gets the attention of the voters.

If you missed the debate last week, don’t worry, there is another one this week. I’ve lost track of how many there have been.

Cheers go out to the students and staff in our Faribault County schools.

Each week we try to bring you some updates about the great things going on in our schools. Sure, there are some difficult financial times happening which we report on. These financial issues can be directly tied to the fact that schools are funded by the state according to the number of students in the school. Fewer students, less money to work with. And many rural schools are seeing declining enrollment.

But, all that does not mean there aren’t some wonderful things going on inside those educational halls.

There are strong FFA programs, a great Business Professionals of America group, Robotics team, musical groups, art clubs, drama performers and a whole lot more. The good news is, these activities are seeing a lot of student involvement.

If you want to see how many different things are going on in the schools, just check out the recent stories about the Triple A winners at Blue Earth Area and United South Central. These four students are involved in so many sports and activities the list is long for each of them. I often wonder how they get it all done.

Kudos to them.

Cheers to the Blue Earth Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV) group and their recent student tour day.

Maybe you don’t know what this REV thing is all about, but their goal is to help sustain local businesses and to help create new businesses.

As part of that goal, they lined up a one day tour for more than 150 BEA high school students to tour 30 different local businesses.

I think it was pretty interesting for both the students and the businesses. The students had a chance to learn about all the different kinds of jobs that are available in our small community, and there are a lot of them. The businesses had the opportunity to show what goes on inside their four walls, and to tell the kids about what kinds of job opportunities there are here.

The overall goal for REV was to show students they may not need to head off to the big city, or go to a four year college, in order to find a good job in their own hometown.

Some of the kids even picked up application forms from local businesses.

REV is also doing a campaign which is called “I want to BE A…” with the students filling in the blank with I want to be a teacher, or nurse or plumber, etc.

Jeers to winter. This has been a rough one so far. I think I have seen more ice than usual, and I don’t mean on the frozen lakes. There seems to be a pattern of snow, then warmer weather that melts a little of the snow, some freezing rain, then a quick sub-zero freeze. The result is that keeping sidewalks, streets and parking lots clear of ice has been very difficult. Walking and driving has become dangerous, so stay safe out there.

Hang on, spring is coming.

And finally, a great big Cheer to the Blue Earth Area wrestling team and their incredible return to the State Wrestling Tournament.

Has it really been 18 years since their last trip? Yes it has. Despite having some terrific teams the past years, the Buccaneers came up against another great team in the Section finals many times, and just missed out on a trip to State. Many of the individual wrestlers qualified for State, but not as a team.

This year they did. So a big congratulations to them and their coaches, and best of luck at the State Meet.

Way to go, Bucs.