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From the Editor’s Notebook

By Staff | Apr 26, 2020

It sure looks like it is time for another edition of the Cheers and Jeers column.

In fact, it might actually be overdue. There are always a lot things to give a Cheer to, as well as a few of those needing to be Jeered.

Topping the list, as far as a Jeer goes, definitely has to be this COVID-19 deal and that nasty coronavirus.

Besides being a terrible disease that is responsible for deaths around the world, it is also destructive in other ways.

In order to combat the spread of the disease, we have basically had to change our lifestyles.

And this new stay at home and stay away from others lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our local and national economy.

And, unfortunately, it could be long while before things get back to normal.

If anything ever deserved to get a Jeer, it is certainly the coronavirus.

But in amongst all this crisis, there are still some things to Cheer about.

A Cheer goes out to the entire Blue Earth area community that rallied around a family that had a fire cause extensive damage to their home last week.

Just two days after the fire a benefit was already organized and set to go.

It was a fundraiser meal at the P-Pod stand by the Blue Earth Locker Plant.

The event was to run from 5 to 7 p.m. last Wednesday, and people were lined up from the stand to the street before 5 and the line was still to the street at 7.

The group putting it on ran out of food and had to close up shop when they sold the last hot dog and hamburger. The chips and cookies had long been gone.

It was amazing to see.

A Cheer goes out to the Blue Earth Area teachers and other staff members who took part in the Wave Parade on Saturday, April 18.

When we first heard about it, admittedly it sounded a little strange. Driving around honking horns sounds a little more like what the students would do, not the teachers.

But, it was actually pretty cool.

They included going to each of the towns in the School District, honking, greeting kids along the route, holding signs and generally just giving the kids a boost.

And, remarkably, everyone along the parade route, in Blue Earth anyway, carefully practiced social distancing, with family groups staying more than six feet apart along Main Street.

A Jeer to the fact that the Adolescent Treatment Center in Winnebago had to be shut down.

Winnebago has suffered several set backs in the past couple of years. That includes the loss of Corn Plus and other businesses.

But, we do understand that the treatment center was not operating profitably, and with the coronavirus situation, UHD had to make the decision to close it.

Hopefully, this facility can someday be back up and in operation, whether the same as it was, or in a different form.

A Cheer goes out to the Winnebago City Council for being able to find a buyer for the former school building.

While the city would have liked to create something there after they had purchased it from the Blue Earth Area School District, it is better to find an independent buyer and let them run with it.

We hope it all works out in the best interests of everyone involved.

A Cheer goes out to the Blue Earth City Council for continuing to work on a variety of improvements for the city.

One of those is the plan to build several multi-family homes in the city.

One will be on Fourth Street, one on Eighth Street and four will be constructed out in the new housing development.

Three of the new units will be owned by the city’s Housing and Rehabilitation Authority (HRA).

And, the HRA just received word they have received a $400,000 grant for the project, which will make sure it will be done this year.

Two other projects are the Leland Parkway reconstruction street project, and the Sailor Street Project.

Leland Parkway is a County/State Aid highway, so the project is mainly funded by the county, using state funds. But the city of Blue Earth has a share in it as well.

The city of Blue Earth is continuing its aggressive plan of rebuilding as many streets in the city as it can each year.

Finally, a Cheer goes out to everyone is doing what they can to help others during this strange time.

Whether it is checking on your neighbors, helping shop for older folks who should not be out because of being at risk, or just making sure family and friends are able to cope with life that has become a bit hard to deal with.

And a Cheer to those of you who are supporting your local businesses, including this one, your local newspaper.

We can all use a little good Cheer now and then.

Now more than ever.