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From the Editor’s Notebook

By Staff | May 10, 2020

This week’s column is a bunch of semi-random thoughts from the editor.

You see, it has been a rather strange week for ye olde editor. Well, OK, every week is pretty strange. And, with this coronavirus thing still going on, I?would have thought things could not get much more strange than just putting up all this new normal (or abnormal) way of life.

But, seems I was wrong.

So here is just a sampling of random ramblings:

My apologies go out to the folks who came up with the idea of putting a mask on the Green Giant statue and then had me spoil the surprise.

A group was working on a mask and had plans to have it put in place last Monday.

Then, the Faribault County Register comes out on Saturday with a big picture of the Green Giant with a mask on his face. It was a case of us using Photoshop to try and be clever and entertaining.

We had no idea the plan was in the works to do it for real. I thought it was just a joke after a City Council meeting was over and it was mentioned.

Oh well. Next thing you know it seems there were quite a flurry of comments about the mask when a photo of it was posted on Facebook. Many folks did not like it, but some did.

This week you can take our online poll about whether you like the mask or hate it.

While camping last weekend and sitting around the campfire we noticed something very strange.

It looked like a group of UFOs flying in a line, following each other. Or maybe high-flying jet fighters.

At first it looked like a couple of them, but then, they kept coming and coming, dozens of them, one after another, all playing follow the leader.

Later, we found out what it was. Seems it was Starlink satellites put into low orbit by SpaceX, the company owned by Elon Musk of Tesla car fame.

It seems he has launched 420 of them so far and plans to do more. And, it is reported that they do, indeed, follow each other, in more or less a “satellite train.”

It was strange to say the least.

And by the way, we don’t camp at a crowded public campground. We have our own spot out in some woods and it is just us and the wildlife. No other people.

Also on Saturday, while at our camp, I needed to do some necessary repairs. That required a trip into Mankato and a visit to Menards.

That turned out to be mistake.

It seems that everyone and his brother needed to go to Menards on Saturday.

My thought was the Stay at Home order by the governor had not been applied to his hometown of Mankato.

Or, everyone was just sick and tired of staying home and needed to get out.

The parking lot was full, the store was full. And, I was one of the very few people wearing a mask.

Trust me, I got in, found what I needed and got out. No shopping around for me.

I think it is true everywhere, even in our small towns. People are tired of staying home. They want to get out. However, the difference is that going to a store here in Blue Earth you might be the only one there. It is pretty easy to social distance. At a packed Menards store in Mankato, not so much.

The strange week continued with covering a Blue Earth City Council meeting via telephone conference call.

That was not the strange part. But, when one of the agenda items once again dealt with animals, it got a little strange.

In the past the City Council has had to deal with deer roaming around the city, dogs running loose, people wanting to have chickens and now also bees in their yards and even a cat issue or two.

But Monday night the council struggled with what to about someone keeping a chicken in their yard because it is an emotional support animal.

City attorney David Frundt admitted it had never occurred to him to write a clause about emotional support chicken into the recently adopted chicken ordinance for the city.

This has not only been a strange week, but it has been a very weird couple of months now. I am sure you will agree. No school, sports, Twins baseball, restaurants, well, you know all this as well as I do. Even stranger now is the way some states are opening up things and others are not.

The summer is going to be very strange, too, I fear. Already towns are debating holding their summer festivals. There may or may not be a county fair, for the first time in over 150 years. Heck, there may not be a State Fair.

All of that is not critical for life, of course. There are much worse things going on. But, you have to admit, it would be very strange.

No doubt about it 2020 is turning out to be one weird and very strange year.