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It ain’t over ‘til, you know, it’s over

By Staff | May 31, 2020

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

I?think Yogi Berra said that. It meant that despite being far behind, the baseball game is never over until the final out of the final inning.

Another saying is it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. I’m not sure who said that but I believe it refers to an opera not being over until the lead soprano sings the final aria solo.

It actually means the same thing as it ain’t over ’til it’s over, but has been properly chastised as being politically incorrect. In fact, one group has proposed it be changed to it ain’t over until the woman whose body is beautiful at any size sings.

Some people are thinking this whole COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is over. But many others believe it is not.

The latter group are the ones who think it is still a big deal, and loosening up the restrictions is going to increase the number of cases, and the number of deaths from the virus. And, they are the ones saying it is going to be with us for months, if not years.

It won’t be over ’til it’s over, they are saying. And I tend to agree.

It is a little bit different here in our loosely populated, rural Faribault County. As of when this column is being written, the number of cases here is at 13. We are a bit of an island of low number of cases, in a sea of surrounding counties around us numbering closer to 100 or more.

With many things opening up, that number could very well rise in Faribault County. However we hope that everyone is willing to keep on social distancing no matter where they are around the county.

That is certainly not true everywhere. It was amazing to see scenes on the TV news of crowded streets, restaurants, beaches, swimming pools and other places in other states that have opened up everything.

I’m sorry, but even if things all get opened, I think I will be in no hurry to go to any place that is crowded with people who are actively not practicing social distancing.

I will be in no hurry to go to a movie theater, big city restaurant, crowded sports arena/stadiums like the Twins or Vikings, or some type of summer festival.

And if I do, perhaps because I need to as part of my job, I think I will be actively practicing social distancing and wearing a face mask.

Won’t you? Maybe not. There are not that many people wearing them around here now.

But, that might be different here in Faribault County, only because with fewer people living here, there is not the problem of trying to stay away from crowds.

I can go into a store in downtown Blue Earth and be the only one there. I can easily stay six feet away from other folks if they show up. That is opposed to going somewhere like Menards in Mankato where there are hundreds of people crowding the store.

Going to church here in Faribault County? It is pretty easy to keep the church at only 25 percent capacity as some have so few members they couldn’t fill all the pews if they wanted to except on Christmas and Easter.

Getting my hair cut at a local barbershop/salon and still keeping it to 25 percent capacity? No problem. My barber has four hair cutting stations, but she is the only one who works there.

Going to a ball game in Blue Earth? No problem. There was not that big of a crowd there in the past, so I am sure I could social distance from the other folks there.

It is different in the big cities, because, well, they just plain have way more people. Even a city the size of Mankato has crowded stores, restaurants you have to wait in line for to get a table, and way too much traffic.

And that was before March 16 and the pandemic started. Now that some folks are starting to act like the whole thing is over, I worry it will get back to the way it was before. Crowds of people compacted in one area. In some ways that is a good thing. We need to get people back to work and our stores and businesses going. But in another way, it could become a very bad thing.

People were fairly good about being cautious for a couple of months. But, it seems that two months is the limit of people’s patience and ability to deal with a stay at home order.

And, the fact that it is now summer (it is, isn’t it? Memorial Day is over, so it is unofficially summer) and everyone wants to get outside and take part in summer activities makes stay at home nearly impossible to deal with.

Even though many, if not most, summer large group events are canceled or soon will be, people are craving activity. And with the State Fair now canceled, can county fairs and town summer festivals be far behind?

Now the concern by many is what is going to happen this fall. And, by fall, they mean back to school, fall high school sports, Viking football games and more.

Like I said, the problems caused by this coronavirus ain’t gonna be over until its over. Really, positively, 100 percent, over. And, when will that be? I know. You will know too. It’s when that infamous, rotund lady starts to sing…