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I still have some things to Cheer

By Staff | Jul 5, 2020

Time once again for a few Cheers and Jeers, and maybe one item that could be either one or the other.

First off, a great big Jeer to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has literally turned our world upside down in so many ways.

Here it is the middle of 2020 and it is amazing how many things we considered to be normal in this anything-but-normal year.

The list is long and not-ending yet, so I don’t need to go into too much detail on it. After all, we have been, and continue to live with it.

A big Cheer to a group of guys and their support staff who showed up in Blue Earth a weekend ago and spent a day shingling a friend’s home here in Blue Earth.

You can read all about Justin Hutchinson and his band of volunteers and how they helped out a fellow soldier, Austin Decker of Blue Earth, and his family.

It is great to hear of those kinds of acts of kindness, and it sure made a great feel-good story for this week.

A Cheer goes out to the Blue Earth Chamber of Commerce and the Blue Earth City Council for selecting new leaders who are not new to the city at all.

The new Chamber executive director, Shellie Poetter, has been the Chamber’s administrative assistant for some time, and the new city administrator, Mary Kennedy, has been the EDA specialist for some time.

Both performed their former jobs very well, so we expect the same for their new positions and congratulate them.

A cheer also goes to the Blue Earth City Council for selling an abandoned house to the Habitat for Humanity group for the price of $1. We hope the Habitat group is able to turn it into a home for a deserving family.

A Cheer goes out to the ladies who put on the Jam the Food Shelf in June promotion.

Despite all the issues with the coronavirus threat, the ladies had another very successful year with $4,000 in cash donations and 2,920 donated food items.

Thanks for your efforts.

A well-deserved Cheer goes to all those who in some way or another are working to see that others have at least some semblance of normalcy during these difficult times.

That includes those who did what they could to put on some sort of a curtailed Memorial Day Program in their town, or the school for having as much as a graduation program for the seniors as they were allowed to do, as well as an effort to salvage some sort of a Prom that will be memories for the future.

Another big Cheer to Mike and Tami Hoffman and to Jay and Sharon Miller and the Estate of Raymond J. Kuether for their very generous donations to support St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Center in Blue Earth.

They are not alone. Many folks leave gifts to places like St. Luke’s in their wills. But these recent gifts, in this time of uncertainty and state shutdowns, are very significant.

A Jeer, once again, to the many bad drivers we seem to have. Probably, there are no more here per capita than in other places, but it certainly seems like it.

Topping the list are the drivers who still have not figured out how to go through a roundabout. And since there are three of them here in Blue Earth, you should learn.

I have given up trying to keep track of how many times I see a driver either try to go when they should stop, or stop when they should go.

It is really so simple I am surprised they don’t know how.

And then, there are the drivers who give you a dirty look because you got in their way of racing through the roundabout and you made them have to actually come to a stop.

Most of the issues I see are caused by folks in too big of a hurry and they just don’t want to slow down, much less stop.

Another Cheer to Paul Hedberg and his family for the wonderful gift of giant musical instruments which have now been installed at Giant Park.

OK, I will confess that I thought it sounded a little strange, great big instruments that you hit with hammers.

But, now that I have seen them (and played them) I have to admit they are pretty cool. And very popular for all the kids (of all ages) who stop to see the Giant.

A cautious Cheer (which I fear could turn into a Jeer, if things go bad) for state and local officials allowing things to open up again.

Businesses, swimming pools, the courthouse, ball games, etc., are all cautiously opening under many different new rules and guidelines.

It is great to have these “normal” things back in our lives, but I just hope it does not all backfire and bite us.

I personally think staying away from crowded venues is a good idea. As is social distancing and wearing a mask.

It is the new way.