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I’m dreaming of a ‘Green Spring,’ not a ‘White Easter’ nightmare

By Staff | Mar 10, 2008

Chuck Hunt - Register Editor

Disclaimer: The Register warns its readers that the following column was written while the editor was under the influence of drugs. Granted, they were over the counter cold pills, but even some of those, a person now has to sign for and swear that one is not taking them home and turning them into methamphetamine. The author alone is responsible for the un-Minnesotan comments that follow. Most Minnesotans love winter, and wish that it could last forever.

Is it me, or is this winter dragging on FOREVER? I agree with Kevin Mertens’ comments, which can be found in a column that he wrote on the front of our sports section this week. How can the basketball season be coming to a close and winter still be going on?

I am ready for spring. Heck, I am ready for summer. It isn’t that the winter has been harsh, with one blizzard after another. It is just that it has been long. And it does seem to snow at least once or twice every week.

Spring doesn’t even officially start for another couple of weeks. But in Minnesota, just because it is March 21 does NOT mean spring is here. Pam and I got married on April 21 of 1973 and they had to shovel the snow off the steps of the church a few days before the wedding.

Easter does not even mean that it is spring in Minnesota. Easter is early this year. One person told me that they thought it was the earliest that it could be. I did a little research and found out just how the date for Easter is chosen. I will share it with you, and you can find it in a separate box item with this week’s column.

I am pretty sure that with all the snow that is still on the ground around town, that we are going to have a White Easter. The kids will have to use snow shovels when they go outside on any Easter Egg Hunt this year. A friend once told me that she plants potatoes on Good Friday. She will have to shovel the snow off her garden this year, and use a chisel to plant them.

And don’t even start with me about Groundhog Day, and Puxatawney Phil or whatever the little rodent’s name is. That superstition may work in some places, but in Minnesota we will ALWAYS have six more weeks of winter after February 2, whether a varmint sees its shadow or not. We are lucky if we don’t have six more months of winter after that date.

We had just one day that was a teaser, a couple of Saturdays ago. The temperature reached 45 degrees with sunshine, and a lot of snow melted. Then it was right back into the deep freeze and we have had several ‘dustings’ of snow since then. I have always thought that if you have to shovel it, it is more than just a ‘dusting.’

I am more than ready for spring to actually get here. I want to see what Blue Earth and Faribault County look like with green grass and leaves on the trees. All of you have seen it that way. Many of you have told me how beautiful the area looks in early summer. I believe you all, but it would be nice to see it for myself.

Spring needs to come soon, or I may have to start suggesting that the name of ‘Blue Earth ‘be changed to ‘White Earth.’