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We applaud new Humane Society

By Staff | Dec 22, 2008

It is hard not to be impressed with the efforts of the newly formed Faribault County Humane Society.

After years of being non-existent, a new group of people has resurrected the association. They seem to be dedicated to their cause, and have already made tremendous strides.

After seeing the way stray animals were being handled in the county, the group decided there must be a better way.

Led by President Staci Thompson, they approached the county and cities and asked to be allowed to work with the animal control officers and help as much as they can.

So far their efforts have found homes for 12 stray animals. They have also placed other animals in foster homes, where they will stay for up to two months while they search for a permanent home.

Lining up all this care for the animals, takes time and effort, but they are determined to either return the picked up dogs and cats to their owners, or find a new home for them.

Plus, they are working hard to get the county pound, located in Blue Earth, upgraded and more modern. Thompson says that while it is not horrible, it doesn’t have decent ventilation or light. It also doesn’t have separated areas for different types of animals.

We hope the City of Blue Earth, Faribault County, and the other cities in the county, will support this new Faribault County Humane Society as much as they possibly can.

This means financially as well,. We fully realize budgets are tight, and may be getting even tighter, but when you have a group this dedicated to a good cause, they deserve to be supported by us all.