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Can the snow plows keep up?

By Staff | Jan 17, 2009

If you are getting tired of shoveling, blowing or plowing snow, just think how the road crews must feel.

With a measurable amount of snow falling almost every day for a week, keeping the roads and highways clear has become a daily chore.

That day starts sometimes at 3 or 4 a.m. and lasts until night.

In most small towns, there is a limited number of city workers to get the job done, but they somehow seem to keep the streets clear, and get the snow removed within a day of the storm. Extra drivers have to be brought in to keep the plows and trucks all moving.

The county and state snow plows are out constantly as well.

We heard one person complain the other day about a street in town, and a highway out of town, not plowed right away. It was as though they expected every roadway to be plowed right away.

Most people, however, realize that is not going to happen, and are just happy to see that most streets are done in a timely manner.

We have been amazed at how fast it all gets done. Then a day or two later, it all has to be done again.

The men in the plows have our thanks for doing a great job of keeping the highways and byways open this year. We know it has not been easy.

City, county and state budgets are taking a hit this winter as well, as snow removal includes a lot of extra personnel and a lot of overtime pay. This comes at a time when budgets are already taking a big hit.

We are sure when this winter is over, there is going to have to be a few adjustments made elsewhere in budgets, to make up for what is being spent on snow removal. It has been a while since there has been this much snow in a winter, causing more plowing cost than the budget predicted.

Just one of the things that happen when you live in Minnesota.