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Sentence to Service’s Hard work appreciated

By Staff | Jan 31, 2009

To the Editor and to the

residents of Faribault and Martin Counties:

Sometimes we are so busy getting everything done we forget to thank people who help us in our daily lives.

Some of the really unsung folks that provide a lot of behind the scenes help with work in Faribault and Martin Counties are the people who work in the Sentencing to Service program. In my work as the Solid Waste Coordinator in Faribault and Martin Counties, I know the programs that I coordinate could not happen without these folks to help me.

In Martin County we just finished an extensive Christmas tree recycling effort. Many service clubs from throughout the county help with this program as well as help from the City of Fairmont crew and they too deserve a great deal of praise, but again I counted on the Sentencing to Service crews to pull it all together and do the detail work.

In the summertime whenever we have a collection of appliances, tires, electronics and household hazardous waste, it is the Sentencing to Service crews that provide most of the labor force. Many times the jobs they are asked to do, in the heat of the summer, are hard and dirty, but they always come through.

We are very lucky to have terrific crew leaders for these crews. They are in charge of the actual crews, but I also believe they serve as fine mentors to the individuals. I believe the success of a program, such as this one, can be directly attributed to this leadership. The crew leaders in Martin County are Kyle Redenius and Jon McDonald and in Faribault County, Tom Hennis.

If you see these people out doing their behind the scenes public service work, take time to thank them.

Billeye Rabbe

Solid Waste Coordinator

Faribault and Martin Counties