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Quaday should get facts right

By Staff | Mar 2, 2009

To the Editor

After reading Monday, Feb. 16, Quaday’s Quotes column, it has become my conclusion that Mr. Quaday should get his facts straight before stating them in his column. Mr. Rush Limbaugh said he wanted President Obama’s policy’s to fail – not him. I watched the interview on Sean Hamnity.

We all have a right to our opinions. That is what makes this country great. But let’s make sure we get our facts straight before we write something down in the newspaper that is not accurate. Rush has a right to his opinions, just as Mr. Quaday does. And I just wonder if Mr. Quaday wanted George W. Bush to succeed when he first took office. I don’t believe Mr. Quaday wrote that in his column.

Jeff Cooper, Lake CityTo the Editor

To the Editor

I would like to congratulate Dick and Neva Quaday for celebrating their 67th anniversary. Dick must be quite a high roller and in tight with the Native Americans to be given a free night in the hotel, free bingo and a free breakfast at Mystic Lake Casino.

However, Mr. Quaday’s potpourri of political observations had the smell of the rendering plant on a hot August night. I am referring to the quote “I’m sure there are still Rednecks, in some of our southern states, who would still like to refight the civil war and keep the Non-Caucasian races subjugated, without voting rights, or power to hold public office.” This is the same as saying that ‘Rednecks’ are racist and bigots. The word ‘Redneck’ actually comes from the farm community when farmers had to spend long hours in the hot sun causing their necks to become red. I’m sorry Mr. Quaday, but you just offended many of your neighbors with that quote and nearly every farmer in the county. If you would have taken the time to check out what the word ‘Redneck’ really means in today’s nomenclature you would have found out that there is not the slightest mention of racism or bigotry in that definition. There may be ‘Rednecks’ that are racist and bigots but being a ‘Redneck’ doesn’t make them one.

The word ‘Redneck’ is commonly used across this nation to refer to someone that might be of working class, lower on the socioeconomic scale, lacking of sophistication, might enjoy country music and enjoys a beer or two. Mr. Quaday, did you ever watch the TV show ‘HeeHaw,’ ‘Minnie Pearl,’ ‘The Beverly Hillbillies.’ or the country music channel? I believe we have all been guilty of having some modern day ‘Redneck’ tendencies, but that sure doesn’t make us racist or bigots as Mr. Quaday implies in his article. I’ll bet that Jeff Foxworthy, the master of redneck humor, would say that if you accept free hotel rooms, free meals and free bingo at a casino to celebrate your anniversary you’re probably a ‘Redneck.’

I am quite sure there was a ‘Redneck’ or two at the inauguration and millions that supported our new President. My only hope is that the press treats our new President the same way they treated the old one.

Mr. Quaday’s lack of understanding of the property tax system is also obvious with his comments about inflating land values causing property taxes to go up. If all property values in the county were cut in half and the city, township, county, and school districts all increased their spending, property taxes would still go up. It’s not that difficult to understand. If we, as taxpayers, paid closer attention to what our elected officials are doing with our hard earned money it is very possible all of the taxes we pay would be less.

Our 60 bed, $24 million dollar jail would have 10 inmates in it today if it were open. A great idea came out of the local coffee shop on Main Street. Since our new administration wants to close down Gitmo and no one wants the terrorists that are prisoners there, why don’t we rent space to house some of these bad boys in our new jail. We have plenty of room and the rent paid would help offset the wasted taxpayer money spent on the building. Is there a second to that motion?

Uffa Megge,

Mike Enger, Blue Earth